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Oscar De La Hoya comically loses his own Floyd Mayweather poll

Oscar De La Hoya asked his fans to vote on a prime fight with Floyd Mayweather to comical consequences over the weekend.

De La Hoya’s inquisition ended with Mayweather taking over sixty percent of the poll, leaving the Golden Boy with a vast amount of egg on his face.

The promoter had over ten thousand votes halfway through, resulting in a majority win for the man who defeated him in 2007.

Floyd Mayweather poll

His loss comes after another ridiculing after De La Hoya got surgery to stay young for his model girlfriend. Not only that, but many boxing fans believe he’s had ab implants to keep a permanent six-pack.

According to the LA Times, De La Hoya discussed his enhancements by staying: “Look, I’m here,” he said. “I have nothing to hide.

“I just got surgery, so, as you know, I should stay home. But I have to keep young for my girlfriend. But I can’t comment on it now,” he added.

Those two more comical issues come behind more sinister times for the eleven-time world champion.

As documented by the LA Times, De La Hoya’s history makes for interesting reading.

De La Hoya was accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in a Cabo San Lucas hotel room in 1996. The resulting lawsuit was settled out of court.

A San Bernardino woman filed a lawsuit against him in 2019, claiming he sexually assaulted her two years earlier. The case was dismissed in 2020; the court docket didn’t indicate whether a settlement was reached.

De La Hoya was arrested in 2017 for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. De La Hoya failed field sobriety tests, but the charges were later dropped.

Overcoming a lot and still able to be in the public eye, Oscar De La Hoya remains a polarizing figure in the boxing world.

De La Hoya gripes

It hasn’t stopped De La Hoya from commenting on rival Dana White’s problems to deflect from his own. When White slapped his wife, De La Hoya had a field day.

“My good friend Dana White is so greedy he decided to steal fighter pay from his new league on TBS’ Power Slap’ by getting fighter of the night against his wife.

“Those Boston aerobic instructors are real tough guys,” he stated.

With a massive fight involving his most significant star Ryan Garcia, De La Hoya remains in the upper echelons of the sport after thirty years.

However, he cannot win his polls, which says a lot.

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