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Home » Did Deontay Wilder predict his capitulating Tyson Fury knockout?

Did Deontay Wilder predict his capitulating Tyson Fury knockout?

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Deontay Wilder spoke about what Tyson Fury might bring to the table before suffering his first defeat in a Las Vegas capitulation.

It’s apparent that Wilder may have prophesied his demise when getting knocked out against Fury in February 2020.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ was beaten up, bullied, and stopped by Fury as the American struggled to get going at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Wilder has stated things were not as they seemed in the build-up. But before fight week, the former WBC heavyweight champion gave a version of events that ultimately came true.

Deontay Wilder expected a knockout

“It’s a strong possibility that [the knockout] can happen, especially him bringing the fight to me,” said Wilder. “As you can see, I brought the fight to him, nearly the whole fight the first time.

“And if he wants to do the reverse and bring it to me and bring all the force to me while I’m already applying force throwing at him, then it will be an interesting fight.

“It’s going to be a short night, but it’s going to be an interesting fight.”

On fighting fire with fire, Wilder continued: “An interesting fight and short night. You can count me in, baby.

“But I don’t get paid for overtime. So he plans on running into my plans. I’m looking forward to seeing if he will follow through with his game plan.

“That’s going to be exciting to see.”

Amid his expectations, the 37-year-old didn’t foresee Fury overpowering him despite a weight advantage.

“As far as what he’s saying and what he says he’s going to do. I think what he’s saying and what he’s going to do will be two different things.

Fury vs Wilder excitement

“This makes this fight such an exciting fight. Not only with our words but our actions and waiting to see what will happen.

“So if he does that, then may God be with him on that night of that fight. Because God may have mercy, but I won’t.”

That’s exactly what came to pass as Fury jumped all over Wilder to take full advantage of the obvious surprise element.

Fury was just too big and strong for Wilder, who was sluggish on his feet. He did not seem like his usual clinical self.

The pair were for a contracted trilogy fight, which proved to be a reputational savior for Deontay Wilder as the pair went toe-to-toe in the 2021 Fight of the Year.

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