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Conor Benn not cleared by BBBofC despite ‘egg-citing’ WBC ruling

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Conor Benn is not cleared to fight by the British Boxing Board of Control despite the WBC accepting a mass consumption of eggs excuse for two positive drug tests.

The WBC released a 600-plus worded statement outlining that they could not prove Benn took the performance enhancing substance clomifene.

Through its Board of Governors, the WBC stated a lack of being able to rule conclusively led them to allow Benn back in the ratings immediately.

Conor Benn not cleared despite persuading the WBC

However, the information did not provide conclusive evidence of innocence. Nor that Benn did or did not knowingly ingest clomifene, as the British welterweight stated he would.

It shows that Benn convinced the WBC that his huge egg diet could have been to blame for the contaminated samples.

Within hours of Benn’s WBC exoneration, the British Boxing Board of Control blocked any celebrations. Therefore, they urged Benn and his team to await the outcome of a separate investigation by the UK Anti-Doping Agency.

“The British Boxing Board of Control Limited (the “BBBoC”) is aware that the WBC has considered two positive findings in relation to Mr. Conor Benn.

“At the time the relevant samples were taken in 2022, he was a license holder with the BBBoC.

“The BBBoC has not been party to the review conducted by the WBC. The BBBofC has not been provided with sight of any evidence submitted on Mr. Benn’s behalf,” The BBBofC told World Boxing News on Tuesday.

They continued: “The BBBoC is aware that the WBC has concluded its own review into at least one of the two positive findings and reached its own decision, published today, 22nd February 2023.

“For clarity, while the BBBoC wishes to make clear that it respects the WBC, the WBC is a sanctioning body, not a governing body.

“The BBBoC was the governing body with whom Mr. Benn was licensed at the material time. As such, any alleged anti-doping violation shall be dealt with in accordance with its rules and regulations.”

British Boxing Board of Control ruling

Benn’s tests came back during fight week for a clash with Chris Eubank Jr. in October. The WBC had no involvement in the event.

Their review was simply a rankings reinstatement, not the clearing of Benn to resume his career.

The WBC, it must be pointed out, is the same organization that has promised to rank a YouTuber if he beats one boxer this month.

Furthermore, the BBBofC will await the UKAD’s final decision before making their ruling on Conor Benn.

“The BBBoC has adopted the UK Anti-Doping Rules. UK Anti-Doping publishes those rules. Those formed part of the rules to which Mr. Benn was bound.

“As such, the decision of the WBC does not affect the ongoing implementation of the BBBoC’s rules [and those of UKAD].

“The UK Anti-Doping Rules make clear what conduct constitutes an Anti-Doping Rule Violation as defined in those rules [and in the World Anti-Doping Code].

“Specifically set out the circumstances in which such violations can be committed by way of strict liability,” they concluded.

Benn still has to prove his innocence to shake off the negativity surrounding his career.

In addition, the Board doesn’t see persuading the WBC as anything changing in the current climate.

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