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Deontay Wilder could get ‘body on his record’ wish in next fight

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Deontay Wilder will have the best opportunity to land a controversial wish if his next fight is against the UFC heavyweight champion.

Francis Ngannou wants to take on a top boxer to land a career-high payday after severing ties with Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The first target was Tyson Fury, which a fellow UFC star this week branded a suicide mission. However, suppose Ngannou takes on Wilder – the biggest one-punch knockout artist of all time. In that case, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be a similar scenario to the one described by middleweight champion Alex Pereira.

Wilder wants the fight. He’s stated that on many occasions. And after his shocking comments on ‘wanting a body,’ it would be advisable for Ngannou to steer clear of an actual boxing match.

Deontay Wilder wants a body

“I want a body on my record. I want one. , I really do,” Wilder, using his Bronze Bomber persona, told The Breakfast Club morning show on Power 105.1 FM regarding his career goal.

The 37-year-old said he didn’t want the civilized version of himself but the Bombzquad leader.

“That’s the ‘Bronze Bomber,’ he wants one. When I’m in the ring, I always tell people that I’m the ‘Bronze Bomber.’

“Everything about me changes. I don’t get nervous. I don’t get scared, and I don’t get butterflies. Also, I don’t have no feelings toward the man I’m going to fight.”

When he leathered Artur Szpilka with one almighty bang, Wilder said he was convinced the Pole was dead.

“I thought I had one [body] one time, as I said. With Szpilka, because he wasn’t breathing when he hit the canvas,” he pointed out.

“My power is so crazy that I don’t even know the [strength] of it. If I put on ten-ounce gloves and hit guys like I hit Szpilka, he was dead for three to five seconds.”

Francis Ngannou is in danger

Discussing Ngannou being in danger if he fights a top pugilist, Periera told MMA Fighting: “It depends if he’s fighting the elite. [Boxing against] Tyson is hard. It’s suicide.

“There are other guys for him to start. [He can go] one step at a time. If he really wants to fight those guys [Fury or Wilder], then he’s just thinking about the money.

“I don’t know if that’s the case. But to say ‘I’m going there because I want to become champion,’ that’s hard.”

On Ngannou having a puncher’s chance, he concluded: “If you ask someone who’s never trained in his life to go against someone experienced and tell him to hit as hard as he can to knock him out, he’ll gas out in three minutes.

“Then one weak punch will knock him out since he has no defense anymore and can barely stand still. Knowing how to defend yourself is the most important thing.”

Quite comprehensive that Ngannou should stay away from Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury completely.

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