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Fight of the Year war soured by yet another DAZN price increase

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DAZN promised much when they entered the boxing ring, but with a Fight of the Year war last weekend, many fans could not see the show.

That’s due to yet another price increase by the streaming service that has left a sour taste in fans’ mouths.

Several promises have been broken, from launching in a blaze of glory and declaring ‘Pay Per View is dead’ to consistently informing subscribers of its intentions to secure top sporting action.

Not only is the cost spiraling for the average punter, but it’s also the service hemorrhaging money.

Fans gasped before the Luis Nery vs Azat Hovannisyan event when DAZN confirmed a price rise unseen at any level in the sport.

DAZN subscription increase

DAZN now offers three different subscription plans to give flexibility to the consumer. They are a Monthly Saver (x12) at $19.99, an Annual Super Saver priced at $224.99, and a Flexible pass priced at $24.99, according to the service itself.

The whole charade of claiming to ‘change the game’ is now up as responses to the shocking elevation in price hit home.

One said: “It started at $10 per month. DAZN said they wouldn’t increase the prices. Now here we go again!”

Another added: “This DAZN downfall is tremendous. No Premier League, no La Liga, and now this.”

A third stated: “DAZN’s boxing offering started with so much promise. It has been disappointing in both the price and quality of content. A shame.”

Nery vs Hovhannisyan – Fight of the Year

Those who fork out the more significant payment could see a tremendous barnstormer of a clash from Fox Theater in Pomona.

As explained by CompuBox, the two fighters went hell for leather for eleven rounds until Nery got the stoppage.

“Over the first six rounds, Nery landed 94 power punches to Hovhannisyan‘s 79,” they said.

“As the fight wore on, Hovhannisyan’s body punches slowed Nery down. This allowed Hovhannisyan to tilt the power punches landed in his favor 101 to 56 in rounds seven through eleven.

“Despite being slowed by the damage Hovhannisyan inflicted, Nery continued to carry his power.

“He was able to secure a knockdown in the tenth round, a round he had been losing in terms of punches thrown and landed up to that point.”

It’s a shame that many non-subscribers missed the Fight of the Year contender simply down the cost of living crisis and affordability.

In a world where people choose whether to eat or heat their homes, a lot more could be done by DAZN to stall further increases.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of experienced boxing writer Phil Jay. Twitter @PhilJWBN. Follow WBN: Facebook, Insta, Twitter.