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Home » Bookmakers get real with Fury vs Ngannou odds despite big move

Bookmakers get real with Fury vs Ngannou odds despite big move

The odds of Francis Ngannou defeating Tyson Fury began at eye-watering fractions. Finally, bookmakers have realized the enormity of the UFC star’s task.

In a giveaway not seen since this year’s vulkan vegas 25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung, the first numbers posted for Fury were -600.

That’s a shocking misunderstanding by any wage taker expecting to make any profit. If any punter did get those odds and the fight does happen, hopefully, they staked a lot, as they should count that money right now.

Fury vs Ngannou odds

Ngannou was placed as little as +400, unbelievable considering his skillset as a boxer. At the end of the day, he’s going up against the best heavyweight pugilist of the modern era.

It’s basically a no-contest before the first bell.

However, bookies have gotten real since then. Odds went to -1000 on Fury before spiraling to -2000. And for some reason, they’ve lowered again to around -1500.

That’s still decent for some if they have a lot of cash to stake. Fury will toy with Ngannou and take him out basically when he wants. Therefore, smart money is probably on a knockout.

Grouped round betting looks good for hardcore gamblers.

One bookmaker at revealed how bookmakers look at these cross-code encounters. But they are hardly rocket science.

“While there isn’t much in the way of public betting data as of yet, I can certainly see the money continuing to flow in one direction; on Fury.

“We saw Floyd Mayweather in his fights against Conor McGregor. Then Logan Paul, the fighter whose sport the match is geared to, typically gets the one-sided action.

“Despite the rules not being officially set for this showdown, it won’t be MMA rules. And even if the gloves are on the smaller side, my guess is they will still be bigger than MMA gloves, which will be another perceived advantage for Fury.”

Interest in the fight

Fury’s promoter Bob Arum revealed interest in staging the fight when Ngannou first sounded out the match-up.

“[Francis Ngannou] is still recovering from an injury, but I would love to do that fight,” Arum told the media.

“Depending on Ngannou’s contract with the UFC, we need to do it with or without the UFC. But that would be a huge, huge event.

“I’m interested. Who wouldn’t be? Ngannou was (is) the heavyweight champion of the UFC, and with Tyson Fury, I think it will be a huge event.”

Fury has his hands tied with Oleksandr Usyk as Deontay Wilder looks to swoop in. Whoever gets that first shot at Ngannou will be in for one easy payday.

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