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Home » Reaction to World Boxing Council’s Jake Paul ranking is damning

Reaction to World Boxing Council’s Jake Paul ranking is damning

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The World Boxing Council has faced a barrage of condemnation for attempts to rank a YouTuber who hasn’t beaten any other WBC-rated fighter.

Jake Paul will be placed on the WBC Top 40 list if he defeats Tommy Fury on February 26. The trouble is, even Fury isn’t ranked.

Therefore, the valid question is, ‘how can the WBC rank someone who hasn’t beaten any other rated contender?’

The move makes a mockery of a fair system that will give those who deserve it a shot at the title. Sadly, all the WBC is doing is ruining what was once an excellent reputation in the sport.

Comments on social media, the vast majority of which are negative, have put a severe dent in the WBC’s once highly-regarded place in the sport.

World Boxing Council under fire for YouTuber ranking

WBN has already made its position clear, as fans aired similar thoughts.

“So basically, if you’re rich and famous, you don’t need to work to earn these achievements?

“You get it handed on the plate. Forget the real boxers that dedicate their lives to the sport and don’t even get ranked. But a rich snob does. All about money.”

Another said: “The fact that you’re giving special treatment to a guy who has never fought a legitimate boxer over the thousands who have fought long and hard for ranking through amateurs to pro is utterly disgusting.

“As of now, I will never pay for a WBC event. What a joke.”

Others stated: “I wondered which element of the alphabet soup would embarrass themselves first.”

“Making a mockery of the sport just for that 3%. I hope all fighters start to bin these belts and keep their 3%.”

“Are you in a race to beat the WBA to the bottom of the toilet?”

“How? He’s never fought a boxer or anyone in your rankings?”

Some aimed President Mauricio Sulaiman himself when arguing: “At what point was it that [Sulaiman] decided that he was going to make it his mission to rank the reputation of the WBC in favor of chasing every last dollar?”

‘WBC becoming irrelevant’

A final comment added: “The WBC has now become fully irrelevant in boxing.”

The situation with Paul is even more dumbfounding when you look at his boxing record. Four of his victories made their debuts against him.

One had never scored a victory, and the other was almost fifty years old.

If that’s the kind of criteria boxers need to get into the WBC ratings, boxing is on the fast track to becoming the biggest joke in the sporting world.

Those who hold positions of power need to take a long, hard look at themselves.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of experienced boxing writer Phil Jay. Twitter @PhilJWBN. Follow WBN: Facebook, Insta, Twitter.