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Evidence of legit Manny Pacquiao injury for Floyd Mayweather fight

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Manny Pacquiao nursing an injured shoulder against Floyd Mayweather when they fought can be backed up after faked claims.

During a re-run of Mayweather vs Pacquiao in 2015, new evidence came to light regarding a possible ailment of the Filipino superstar.

Pacquiao blamed it for his sub-par performance and has been questioned over it many times through the years.

This is despite Pacquiao undergoing surgery to correct the problem soon after.

Distinct and considerable disappointment over the outcome of the twelve rounds didn’t help, which Pacquiao then compounded in the aftermath.

WBN reported that a doctor claimed Pacquiao faked the injury during a podcast chat. Pietro Baio aired his views to gasps from Pacquiao fans.

Manny Pacquiao’s injury vs Floyd Mayweather

“So, we go back to the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and Pacquiao saying he had a shoulder injury,” said Baio to former welterweight Phil Lo Greco.

“You know, looking at that fight and being a chiropractor and physiologist, I sort of call BS on that.

“Simply because of the fact that it wasn’t an issue the whole fight. You didn’t see him holding his shoulder. You didn’t see them rubbing him in the corner.

“He was able to hold his arm up and to throw his punches. If that shoulder itself is injured or he has a rotator cuff injury, he’s not going to be able to do that.

“Once again, you can get a video of anybody giving you an injection of anything. He might have just gotten a cortisone shot before or after to decrease inflammation.

“The thing to me is, if you look at the fight, he was consistently fighting the same way. The shoulder was never an issue – until he lost.

“In the boxing world, you never know what’s real and what’s fake. I’m going to sit here as a professional. I’m going to say that was fake.

“He lost. Floyd did his thing. I knew how Floyd would fight, and Pacquiao wasn’t prepared for that.

“So, moving forward, he came up with an injury to say why he didn’t perform as well as his Filipino fans would have wanted him to.

CompuBox investigation

But years on, CompuBox shared their stats, looking closer at what may have hampered the ‘Pacman’ at the MGM Grand.

They see something wrong with how Pacquiao maneuvered through the contest. Findings they shared publicly.

“Such an uneven performance by Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather. Manny landed twelve power shots in round four, then just one in round five.

“He landed a fight high thirteen power shots in round six, then just two in round seven,” outlined CompuBox.

Going further into Mayweather’s grip on the Pay-Per-View contest, they continued: “How effectively did Mayweather tame Pacquiao?

“Pac-Man landed an avg. of seven of 36 punches per round vs. Floyd after landing 23 of 66 per round in his previous twelve fights.”

It was then on to the shoulder, which revealed Pacquiao had to have been hurt before the fight, eventually hampering him toward the end.


Evidence provided by punches landed and mapping the movements of the eventual loser suggests this was the case.

CompuBox added: “Did Manny Pacquiao indeed injure his shoulder down the stretch vs. Floyd Mayweather?

“He landed just 26 power punches, yes 26, over the last five rounds after landing a combined 25 power shots in rounds four and six.”

The information bolsters claims for a rematch between the two legends Pacquiao has been open to for years – even on the exhibition circuit.

But despite opposition to the fact, Pacquiao was undoubtedly not himself for the whole twelve rounds against Mayweather.

If he was, it could have been a completely different fight, if not an alternative outcome.

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