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Shock Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder IV bout Wembley alternative

Deontay Wilder has emerged as a shock candidate to replace Oleksandr Usyk and fight Tyson Fury for a fourth time, World Boxing News can reveal.

If Fury cannot tie down a clash with the formidable Ukrainian, WBN believes Fury will turn to Wilder for a massive battle at the national stadium.

Initial sound-out talks between the two camps have even occurred as Fury contemplates his next move.

For months, an undisputed battle between Fury and Usyk for all the belts was on the cards. However, the last few weeks have seen heavy stalling on both sides.

Wilder’s coach Malik Scott eluded to a ‘shock opponent’ when discussing a WBC-mandated clash with Andy Ruiz Jr., which could amount to contact between both sides for weeks.

And if it doesn’t happen this summer, it will occur if Wilder beats Ruiz and Fury defeats Usyk.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder shock

“It’s down to the mystery opponent and Andy Ruiz Jr.,” Scott told Best Sports Boxing Canada, which WBN now sees as a fourth fight with Fury.

“Since AJ [Anthony Joshua] has made up his mind and does not want to fight Deontay right now, we’re down to Andy Ruiz and the mystery guy [Fury].

“The mystery fighter is not as guaranteed to happen as the Ruiz fight. If you’re looking at it from the business perspective, it will most likely be the mandatory shot, Ruiz.”

On getting Al Haymon’s preferred choice over the line, Scott added: “It’s looking like Ruiz, but in this game, there’s no telling as Deontay is big-time boxing.

“When you’re big-time boxing, and as sad or as unfortunate it may sound to some people, mandatories don’t mean nothing.

“Fighters have stepped aside to make big, big fights happen.

“This goes on in boxing. It’s what the fans want or what makes business sense for the fighters and their team.

“It’s likely to be Ruiz. But if not, other negotiations are also going on [with Fury].”

The dates for Fury vs Wilder IV have always lined up. April 29 now emerges as a potential for the battle at Wembley Stadium.

“We could be going in March or early April, but it really depends.

“The only thing I can say at the moment is Ruiz is mandated, but Deontay is big-time boxing.

“When you have a big-time boxer like Deontay and a mandatory going on at the same time – and there’s another bigger fighter – step a side happens sometimes, you never know.

“Business is willing to be made to make bigger fights happen.”

Fury vs Wilder IV

The pair enjoyed a Fight of the Year collision in the third meeting at the back end of 2021. In addition, fans would welcome it and expect a fourth Pay Per View bout at some point.

Wilder had hoped to fight in England for most of his world title-winning career. Joshua, his first choice, has avoided him for years.

Facing Fury on UK soil would be the pinnacle for the 37-year-old hard-hitting Wilder. He’s looking for the most significant bouts possible before his career ends.

Ruiz would be seething if Wilder walked away at this late stage of negotiations for their clash. Haymon had wanted to stage the fight on March 25 and then May 6 in Las Vegas until obstacles got in the way.

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