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Zak Chelli beats Anthony Sims, Viddal Riley scores TKO

Former English Super Middleweight Champion Zak Chelli put on one of the best performances of his career to beat a highly regarded opponent in Anthony Sims Jr who many thought would be too much for Chelli.

Chelli got the best of the opening rounds of the fight, although all were highly competitive. Chelli used his jab to great success to both the body and the head and timed closing the distance expertly, allowing him to land shots without taking many in return.

Sims Jr remained competitive throughout, and made Chelli miss on many occasions, but certain shots from Chelli found their mark on multiple occasions, those being a winging overhand right and a disciplined right uppercut, which both were crucial weapons for Chelli’s success.

The eighth round was a Sims Jr’s best of the fight, as Chelli started to slow down and Sims jr dominated the exchanges, forcing Chelli to back up and defend. However, Chelli showed great spirit to come back out for the ninth and confidently trade punches and win exchanges, stopping Sims Jr from building any late fight momentum and seeing out the last round to take a unanimous decision victory.

Zak Chelli said to Sky Sports after the fight: “I outboxed the boxer. A lot of people doubted me, but I never doubted myself, so I knew I could win here.I want bigger, better fights now.”

Ben Shalom, BOXXER CEO & Founder, said: “This was a really good performance. Zak Chelli stepped up another level. The belief he has, he will fight anyone, and we can go right to the top now.”

Viddal Riley def. Anees Taj – TKO Rd 4 (0:04)

Highly touted Cruiserweight Viddal Riley moved to 8-0 as a professional in a strong performance that proved the excitement around him is justified. Viddal handled a high-pressure, aggressive opponent in Anees Taj who came to fight, using strong boxing skills and deploying his power at the right moments to force the fight to be stopped from a cut.

Viddal established a cannon-like jab from the start of the fight, using it to land stiff shots on Taj in the first round without giving him a chance to respond. Taj adapted to this well in the second round, and gave Viddal a few problems as the fight went on, but Viddal did the greater damage, opening up a cut next to Taj’s eye in the third round which bled significantly and was deemed too severe to continue the fight at the start of the next round.

The sky seems to be the limit for the popular, talented Viddal, and he looks set to keep on rising for a long time.

Viddal Riley said to Sky Sports after the fight:“I want to be a dominant champion, so I need to be tested, I need to be challenged. So I’m glad to have fights like that.”

Ben Shalom, BOXXER CEO & Founder, said: “Viddal needs those fights. His skillset is seriously underestimated, he’s going to go all the way and we’re looking at fighting for titles by the end of the year.”