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Home » Exclusive: Ukraine unleashes new heavyweight, ‘Rampage’ Novytskyi

Exclusive: Ukraine unleashes new heavyweight, ‘Rampage’ Novytskyi

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Ukraine will unleash a new heavyweight on the boxing world this weekend when Andrii Novytskyi makes his professional debut in the United States.

Novytskyi will enter the ropes at The Derby Room Pomona in California on February 11 to make an instant impression.

Following in the considerable footsteps of Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, plus current king Oleksandr Usyk, Novytskyi is undaunted.

With a nickname like ‘Rampage,’ fans will know exactly what to expect when the first bell goes.

New Ukrainian heavyweight star Andrii Novytskyi

World Boxing News caught up with Novytskyi as he prepared to face a new opponent in Dennis Vance Jr., who replaces Terell Nettles.

Asked how it feels to be making his debut in the US, Novytskyi told WBN: “It feels great. I am ready to turn it up and bring Rampage to the ring.

“It’s been a long wait since my days of fighting in Ukraine as an amateur.

“I was forced to move here earlier last year due to the war. Now, it’s my time. I will destroy my opponent.”

On what Vance brings to the table, Novytskyi responded: “He’s a strong fighter. I give him his respect. I know it’s his territory, but I’ll knock him out.”

Novytskyi fights under the guidance of manager Egis Klimas, famed for a great stable of fighters, including Vasiliy Lomachenko and Usyk.

The puncher is looking to impress the man backing his success.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for me. I don’t take it lightly. Egis is a fantastic person. He’s helped many fighters, especially from our region, get their shine here in the US.

“I know I have the right team behind me and will make the most of it. I train under my coach Anatoliy Dudchenko of CaliFormBody.

“He’s a boxing world champion and has been in the game longer. He believes in me, and I enjoy working with him.

“I know that being with Anatoliy is ultimately what will lead me to new heights. He’s an amazing trainer and has insane style and technique.”

Rampage is coming

On where he hopes to in the next twelve months, he replied: “I plan to have six fights in the next twelve months.

“I’m training with Anatoliy, one of the best strength and conditioning coaches. He has the best style. His records speak for themselves.

“He mentors me in boxing technique and tactical work along with making sure my body is up to the task as well.

“I haven’t found a better mentor than him and genuinely believe I’m unbeatable under him.

Asked which fighters he likes to watch from the current crop of heavies, Novytskyi said: “Usyk, [Tyson] Fury, [Deontay] Wilder, and Joseph Parker are some of the best heavyweights. I enjoy watching their fight right now.”

In addition, and what boxing fans can expect on February 11,” Novytskyi was in a confident mood.

“It’s going to be my professional debut. Although I’ve competed as an amateur in the past, and he’s been a professional, we’ll see who’s the best.

“You look at any boxing great, be it Floyd Mayweather and everybody else, they all start against opponents with losing records.

“I’m fighting someone who has two finishes on his record already. But I’m Ukrainian, and we are the best.

“Our boxing technique and IQ are far stronger than anyone else. Dennis is going to find out. “Rampage is coming on February 11!”

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