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Home » Oscar De La Hoya blamed as Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia stalls

Oscar De La Hoya blamed as Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia stalls

News that Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia negotiations have hit a snag has boxing pointing fingers at Golden Boy boss Oscar De La Hoya.

The sport is subsequently bracing itself for another Spence vs Crawford scenario.

Reports stemming from ongoing talks suggest promoters on both sides of Davis and Garcia are struggling to make a deal work.

Oscar De La Hoya on Davis vs Garcia

The main bone of contention is that De La Hoya wants Garcia to control his own narrative. That’s if successful in the first meeting.

Many people do agree with De La Hoya’s insistence that Golden Boy should be able to host a rematch on their platforms. However, for the sake of getting the fight done, the points could be worked out afterward.

Taking to social media, De La Hoya would only give one update on the situation when stating: “Does Tank deserve a mandatory rematch if he loses?”

The reaction saw a lot of heat coming the eleven-time world champion’s way. The reason is that fans desperately hoped to avoid another Spence vs Crawford collapse.

Crawford pulled out of talks with Al Haymon over an undisputed clash with Spence. This was due to being offered a deal for more money and less risk.

“Bud” ended up taking an eight-figure sum for David Avenesyan. He is now one of the most lucrative free agents on the market.

Any Haymon offer would have almost certainly been for more than one fight and tied Crawford to Premier Boxing Champions.

As Spence and Crawford couldn’t agree, the latter moved on. The welterweight blockbuster is since destined for the scrap heap.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia rematch

Fingers are crossed that Davis vs Garcia will go the same way, as De La Hoya wants his guy to be the “A-side” if he wins, something many agree with.

It’s a different story for the fans, though. They are the ones who suffer from a lack of the biggest names facing each other like back in the day.

This new era of YouTubers, influencer boxing, and other novelty events gives a greater responsibility to the promoters to get fights over the line.

Davis vs Garcia is a prime example of where De La Hoya could sit back. Let pens be put to paper and worry about later rematch details.

Surely if Garcia wins, he would be willing to give Davis a return anyway. That’s where the most money and the most significant dose of kudos would lie.

All that needs to be agreed is that a second fight gets made. The details could be discussed once the dust settles. It’s not rocket science.

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