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Floyd Mayweather to star in most meaningless PPV of his career

Floyd Mayweather is bringing the most meaningless Pay Per View of his career to the table when he returns to London on February 25.

Despite being a long awaited UK debut for the Boxing Hall of Famer, Mayweather is facing a reality TV star who isn’t even famous in his own country.

It’s tough for many real boxing fans to get on board with the clash, which falls into the same bracket as Love Island’s Tommy Fury facing a YouTuber.

The event is targeted toward fans of pugilism. But in reality, it’s more for the younger social media and reality TV demographic.

Not Floyd Mayweather’s finest hour.

Floyd Mayweather in London

Nonetheless, Mayweather’s latest event will be available to fans on pay-per-view through the Zeus Network.

His collaboration with FrontRow Fight Series presents calls the show “Royal Pain.” That’s precisely what it will be for those fans expecting to watch a decent bout.

Mayweather’s exhibition clash against a fledgling MMA fighter comes when boxing is fighting to survive the onslaught of a circus.

Tag-team boxing is the latest shame to the sport. Mayweather will add to this when he gives an undeserving reality star his chance to face one of the best ever.

If Mayweather is to remain on this circuit, he should think about facing known combat specialists. He’d undoubtedly gather more interest.

Influencer boxing

The problem with the exhibitions is that they are cutting off the older, wiser fans with greater longevity. They are not interested in this influencer boxing era.

Front Row stated on the fight: “Mayweather will compete in front of rabid UK boxing fans for the first time. He continues to take his talents worldwide, following exhibitions in Japan and Dubai.

“Mayweather has spent time in the region throughout his career and famously defeated British superstar Ricky Hatton by TKO in 2007.”

For his first event in the UK, Floyd Mayweather could have pulled out all the stops rather than handing in this non-event.

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