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Mike Tyson has a love/hate struggle with Floyd Mayweather at 50-0

Mike Tyson may be the baddest man on the planet, but Floyd Mayweather claims he’s the best ever, something ‘Iron’ Mike struggles to comprehend at times.

On the one hand, Tyson is berating comparisons between Mayweather and Julio Cesar Chavez. On the other, the veteran states Mayweather is the best thing since sliced bread.

Which one is it, Mike?

Both times Tyson spoke about Mayweather’s tenure in the sport was on his “Hotboxin Podcast.” – Therefore, that could explain his need for controversy when it comes to the topic.

Floyd Mayweather

Discussing Mayweather and Chavez, Tyson said: “There are some people right, I don’t care how good they are, they are never going to be great.

“Even though they make money, they win titles. They aren’t going to be [Julio Cesar] Chavez. I don’t care how much money he has got.

“I don’t want to hear Floyd [Mayweather] talking about 50-0 and all that. Don’t tell me about, ‘You’re the greatest fighter,’ with 50-0.

“You’re great, no doubt about it, but 50-0? Chavez had ninety [actually 89-0 until he lost to Frankie Randall]. He was fighting like, what? Eight times a year?

“Against whoever was in the rankings. He wasn’t picking. It was, ‘Whoever you want, come on.'”

On Mayweather, he added: “Floyd’s a great fighter, don’t get me wrong, but he had fifty fights.”

Adding Sugar Ray Leonard into the mix, Tyson stated: “Listen, Sugar Ray Robinson had forty fights. He lost one. Then he had a 78-fight winning streak.

“Forty, lost one, then a 78-fight winning streak. [Chavez] was 89-0 before he lost.”

Mike Tyson

Despite that lengthy conversation, the smoke in the studio must have been thick that day as Tyson seemed to forget what he said.

After Mayweather fought against a YouTuber on Showtime, fighting out a draw, Tyson claimed Floyd was what he claimed to be – TBE.

“He [said YouTuber] went ten rounds with the greatest fighter in the last hundred years of boxing. He went ten rounds, scoring punches.

“Did he accomplish something? Look what he had to fight against. Look at what he did when he fought against him,” pointed out the youngest heavyweight ruler.

Either Floyd is the best ‘of the last hundred years,’ or he’s not. But if he is, that 50-0 record must stand for something.

Mayweather gets wrongly accused of cherry-picking his opponents. He defeated over twenty world champions on his list of fifty wins.

The debate continues.

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