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Home » Darren Till advises Kell Brook, “80% of the population do fat slugs!”

Darren Till advises Kell Brook, “80% of the population do fat slugs!”

UFC star Darren Till supported Kell Brook when stating his belief that eighty percent of the population has shared his recent video experience.

Brook was caught snorting a white substance [thought to be cocaine] in his home when someone who witnessed his actions shared the mobile phone camera footage with a tabloid newspaper.

Despite initial denials of any wrongdoing from his team, Brook eventually took responsibility for his actions.

Releasing a statement on social media on Thursday, “The Special One” said he would seek help for mental health problems.

Kell Brook

“I messed up,” said Brook. “I hold my hands up and want to apologize to my family, gym friends, and fans.

“It’s no secret that I struggle with mental health. I’m finding retirement really hard.

“I’m actively seeking the help I need to get me on the right path. Again I apologize for the hurt I’ve caused.”

Darren Till advice

Fellow Briton Till, who has lost his last three fights in the octagon, gave out his brand of wisdom when commenting on Brook’s admission.

“Apologising for something that eighty percent of the population do,” Till stated. “Front it, son, and say you love doing fat slugs. You’ll get more respect for it.”

He added regarding Brook throwing some shadow boxing uppercuts once the line hit his brain: “Nice three-piece combo at the end of the video as well, bro!”

Those statistics are undoubtedly unproven. However, Till may not be far wrong regarding the number of people who have had a dabble at least once.

However, Brook’s party lifestyle away from the ring is no secret to anyone in boxing. The former IBF welterweight champion likes to enjoy himself between camps.

Sometimes it gets him into deep trouble. Like when he got stabbed in the buttocks in 2007 and again in the leg in 2014.

Brook problems

Of all the things that have gone down, a simple video leak could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. That’s despite Brook being physically harmed twice.

Hopefully, Kell Brook gets the help he needs to deal with being unable to fight again. However, his problems lay more profound than that and didn’t just begin when he hung up his gloves.

It’s a deep-rooted problem with the Sheffield man that needs to be addressed quickly, especially if he desires to fight on Sky Sports again.

Linked to a fight with Liam Smith after stopping Amir Khan via fourth-round knockout last year, many believe Brook still has a place in the sport.

As for Till, the Liverpool man must have seen a lot during his time if the vast majority of people he’s encountered are geared up.

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