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The real truth about all Gervonta Davis Pay Per View numbers

World Boxing News provides an update on the latest regarding Pay Per View numbers for the last event featuring Pound for Pound star Gervonta Davis.

“Tank” seems to have sold a different number of Pay Per Views each day for his last fight with Hector Garcia if the social media rumor mill is to be believed.

‘Projections’ – and that word is being used very lightly here- are anywhere between 60,000 and 250,000, depending on who you get your ‘projections’ from.

Davis stopped Garcia late in the fight to secure his place as one of the most exciting fighters from the lower weights in the sport today.

His P4P standing and position as a huge ticket seller remain unmoved. Davis is since lining up a massive clash with Ryan Garcia in the spring.

Gervonta Davis PPV numbers

But one thing that won’t go away is those digits. Everybody has their say on the numbers. It gets on the wrong side of former promoter Leonard Ellerbe.

Floyd Mayweather’s right-hand man aired his view on the latest round of the guessing game involving Gervonta Davis and his PPV figures.

Discussing one of those who revealed their confirmation of what Davis sold, Ellerbe fired back in no uncertain terms.

“That dude is a complete clown who hates the PBC. I guess he anointed himself as the spokesperson for PPV buys but has never seen a report.

“But yet a lawyer who’s connected is giving him the intel. Yeah, ok,” said Ellerbe.

He added: “Fans and some media throw PPV numbers out like it’s easy are clueless. For starters, the business is different from before.

“Building a star is a process. It’s a plan. Floyd [even when retired] did a million [against a YouTuber] because he’s been a household name globally.

“Having a powerhouse like Showtime with him was critical [for the event].”

To another who posted their version of the sales, which was vastly different from the first, Ellerbe added: “Someone sent a link about a video you did. It’s completely false what you said.

“I haven’t seen or spoken to either guy in months. Stop the bs narrative. I’m not a fake guy. [It was] Another successful live and PPV, don’t believe the haters!”

Adding further to other top fighters and their ‘projected’ numbers, Ellerbe concluded: “Crawford didn’t do no 120k in his last fight.

“Canelo did that with Plant on Showtime. He’s the biggest star in the sport, by the way. Who did Fury do 500k with [Wilder]?

“It sure wasn’t in the US [it was]. Joshua does great numbers in the UK. But there’s a big difference in price point in the UK vs the US.”

61k to 250k

A fan then commented on the whole situation. They seemed to question even Ellerbe’s knowledge now that he’s no longer working with Gervonta Davis.

“All I’ve seen is an article written by some mysterious person that says the numbers will go up to 250K,” said the responder.

“I don’t remember seeing in the article that the numbers were more than 61,000. You’re not saying it either, Lenny.”

The absolute truth about those Davis numbers and every other set of his previous numbers is that only a select few know exactly how many sales were made.

Anyone who is not privy to that information or in that circle, then you can quote Roger Mayweather to those people.

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