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Deontay Wilder causes worry with series of bewildering statements

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Deontay Wilder has been active in the media, giving interviews and interacting with fans after going through months of radio silence.

“The Bronze Bomber” was happy to speak to Elie Seckbach at length as he plots a return to the ring against Andy Ruiz Jr. in the spring.

Wilder’s comments to Seckbach raised eyebrows as the former WBC heavyweight champion said Ruiz would need steroids to beat him.

However, Wilder’s social media activity alarmed some with the babble the 37-year-old is sharing with his fans.

Some of it makes absolutely no sense.

Deontay Wilder comments

Earlier this month, Wilder sparked his busiest period of activity in some time by stating: “Being unaccomplished at a certain age in life will give you anxiety, but a strong mindset and a determined work ethic will keep you alive. Providing services to your greatness.”

There was nothing untoward about that apart from the anxiety part making a little noise.

Following it up, Wilder added: “Wait, you soul searched by looking into my eyes just to tell me you love me, but in the same sentence, you steal from me? – Now that’s scary.”

A cryptic clue into the mindset of an ex-world titleholder dealing with his place without a crown or simply waffle?

Several believe they are merely song lyrics but that doesn’t stop those who ‘don’t know’ from being unable to make head nor tail of Wilder right now. Especially with the steroid comments on Ruiz.

“Evil always trying to divide and conquer,” he said before shortly after admitting a startling fact. “Gas stations make me feel vulnerable,” revealed the six-foot-six-inch power puncher.

The next read: “By the show of hands, does anyone else feel not happy right now?” That’s before Wilder made no sense again with, “I love You’ll.”

Wilder anxiety?

“They tried to take my existence away, Not knowing they only made me better and much more stronger.”

Either Wilder is getting tired of waiting for his fight date, or he’s truly going through something more profound in his life listening to the music that drives him. Future interviews will tell exactly where his mindset is right now.

Wilder can get back to the world championship level with a win over Ruiz this year. A victory against his PBC rival will mean another shot at the beloved green and gold strap taken from him by Tyson Fury in February 2020.

Let’s hope Deontay Wilder is in the game.

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