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Three standout fights everybody wants to happen in 2023

For in-deep boxing fans, there are fights every week that carry an element of interest and the potential for something big to happen. The fight game is always moving forward one way or the other, but there is no doubt that some bouts catch the attention more than others. These battles take place between hardened and popular fighters, and fill column inches as reliably as they activate people interested in sports betting PH. There are maybe three or four standout clashes every year that will be talked about in years to come, with more than a few other exciting ones sprinkled in.

When looking ahead to the calendar for a new boxing year, it is always worth bearing in mind that we’re usually talking about matches that might happen. In boxing, unlike with most other sports, events are rarely fixed in the calendar until both fighters have agreed and signed on the line, a venue has been chosen, and a purse decided. So when we look ahead to the potential big fights of 2023 we have to allow for the possibility that these matches won’t happen. We hope they will, though, because the potential is for the contests to be seismic in how they affect the world boxing picture.

Usyk vs Fury

In terms of “will it happen?”, this bout is as close to being finalized as it can be without being inked into the schedule. Between the two of them, these men have the four heavyweight belts and the undisputed champion tag would attach to any winner from any fight that is agreed. 

There’s no doubting that these are the two prime fighters in the world today. Usyk’s storied rise through cruiserweight titles to the victory over Anthony Joshua that gave him three of the four belts in this division is an incredible story. Fury’s often-troubled career is back on an even keel, and his WBC title is the one gem missing from Usyk’s crown. Whenever these two meet, it will be some fight, and an announcement is believed to be imminent.

Davis vs Garcia

One thing that incessantly annoys fight fans is that, for a sport which is considered to be all about brute force, there is so much stage management that goes on, often keeping apart fighters the whole world wants to see in the ring together. It’s a minor miracle, then, that with Gervonta Davis’ stoppage win over Hector Luis Garcia, the April meeting between Davis and Ryan Garcia is now set in stone. Neither one of these fighters will come into the bout looking to win on points, both being aggressive punchers whose prowess in the lightweight division puts them ahead of everyone else. The contrasting styles of Davis, experienced and powerful, up against the dynamism of Garcia, make this a fight to relish. We’re so glad it’s happening.

Spence Jr. vs Crawford

Of all the fights we’re looking forward to, this is the one that needs the most to happen to ensure it makes its way into the calendar and onto our screens. It was previously expected to take place in Fall 2022, but Crawford accepted a big payday to instead fight David Avanesyan. With both fighters in their mid-30s and Spence considering a move up into the middleweight class, there is one more chance for these legends of the welterweight division to fight one another. It would be a box left unticked for both if it didn’t happen, which is the best reason to expect that it will.