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Mike Tyson accused of another alleged rape in the 1990s

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Boxing legend Mike Tyson stands accused of raping another woman in a dent to the former heavyweight champion’s current standing.

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” has reinvented himself over the last twenty-five years, having served over three years for the same crime in the early 1990s.

Due to the New York Adult Survivors Act recently enforced to allow victims to come forward with historical crimes, Tyson’s name came up, according to Raga Justin of local news source Times-Union.

The incident is alleged to have occurred in upstate New York in the same decade as his conviction.

Mike Tyson’s second rape allegations

According to the lawsuit, an unnamed woman is suing Tyson. She uses the one-year window allowed to file sexual assaults under the Act.

Victims have from November 2022 to November 2023 to have their claims heard.

The victim says she met Mike Tyson in an Albany nightclub called “Septembers,” which Tyson would frequent back in the day.

Tyson is stated to have invited several women to a party and subsequently assaulted the victim in a limousine. According to Raga Justin’s report, it led to rape after Tyson tore off the victim’s underwear.

Since then, the woman says she’s suffered years of mental anguish and wants to be compensated for the incident.

She also doesn’t want to be named, as Justin stated she was aware. “Tyson is a famous celebrity, and I know I would be attacked by the media and all of his fans.”

“This traumatic experience has caused me everlasting damage, and I would like to preserve my privacy in this matter of a sensitive and highly personal nature,” the affidavit added.

The claim against Tyson currently stands at $5 million in damages.

Tyson claims innocence in 1991 rape case

Despite serving time for rape, Tyson has consistently denied any guilt in the 1991 case brought about by beauty queen Desiree Washington.

Furthermore, in his Undisputed Truth book, Tyson said: “I have not raped anyone, tried to rape anyone by any means. I’m sorry for Miss Washington as a person.

“I by no means meant to hurt her or do anything to her. I’m sure she knows that.”

The claimant’s lawyer, Darren Seilback, revealed that the case against Mr. Tyson wasn’t brought about lightly.

“These allegations were not simply accepted as reliable or trustworthy by our firm. My office conducted a thorough investigation into these allegations and determined that they are highly credible,” he stated.

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