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Ex-heavyweight champ comes up with the worst boxing idea ever

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Heavyweight boxing is struggling to land big fights as it is. But if ‘Let’s Go Champ’ Shannon Briggs had his way, it could be much worse.

The former WBO champion offered to be the tag-team partner of Mike Tyson in a new form of veteran’s boxing.

‘The Cannon’ stated in an interview WBN was made aware of again this week. His tongue-in-cheek intentions were to team up with Tyson to face Evander Holyfield or Wladimir Klitschko.

Briggs’ words came as Tyson and Holyfield were both back in training for a potential trilogy fight despite when they were 53 and 57, respectively.

Tag-team boxing idea

Speaking to, the aged New Yorker said: “Me and Mike Tyson tag team boxing versus Holyfield and Klitschko. What do you think?

“Or what about Holyfield and James Tony if Klitschko is scared? Me and mike versus anybody! Tag-team history, champ!

“Nobody wants to fight me. I will fight anybody, cyber or physical,” he added.

The actual idea of two boxers being on either side of the ring and being able to tag each other out when they’ve suffered too much damage might be the most ridiculous idea ever imagined.

Maybe even worse than influencer boxing – and that’s saying something.

It’s no wonder Briggs potentially wants to be exclusive with Tyson. The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ whipped himself into magnificent shape.

The younger man may want to avoid trading blows with one of the biggest punchers.

The whole debacle went down as a report Briggs was due to face Tyson in a Bare Knuckle battle went viral despite being fake.

A fake account of BKFC boss David Feldman stated: “I would like to announce that both Shannon Briggs and Mike Tyson have agreed to fight each other in the main event of BKFC 12.”

The real Feldman said: “FYI, someone created a fake profile of me. I did not announce Mike Tyson vs Shannon Briggs.”

Heavyweight champs

‘Iron’ Mike has dropped a ton of weight over the years after spiraling into a depression after retirement in 2005.

Losing to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride soured the end of Tyson’s first career. It’s now thought the youngest-ever heavyweight champ added another chapter to erase the memory.

He scored a draw with Roy Jones Jr. in a record-breaker for an exhibition. Sadly for Briggs, his offer never came after years of training hard.

David Haye famously promised to fight him in his comeback but then changed his mind at the last minute.

We still might see Shannon Briggs on the veteran’s circuit. Stranger things are happening in boxing at the moment.

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