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Home » Lennox Lewis questions Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia ‘done deal’

Lennox Lewis questions Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia ‘done deal’

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis has questioned Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia being a ‘done deal’ for the spring.

With no signed contract on either side, Lewis is dumbfounded as to how the fight keeps being referred to as a certainty.

Lewis asked regarding Davis vs Garcia: “How is the deal done with no signed contract?”

Lennox Lewis is not alone in Davis vs Garcia doubts

That skepticism is not only secluded to Lewis. It seems widespread despite Oscar De La Hoya confirming his intentions to sign.

First, the Golden Boy boss said the fight was off if no contract was received by Monday.

He got it on Tuesday and was happy enough to go through it with Garcia.

De La Hoya stated: “Finally received the contract. It’s time to put the finishing touches, and we have a fight on April 15. Let’s go!”

However, “The Golden Boy’ outlined his desire to have the deal tied up late on Tuesday. Those hours passed without a whimper until De La Hoya declared himself happy that everything was above board.

“The terms have been agreed upon. Everything is agreed upon,” outlined De La Hoya. “The venue, the money, the split for the fighters, for Tank, for Ryan.

“Everything is great. We need to put it on the long form [contract]. That’s basically it.”

De La Hoya’s criticism

By Friday, the deal still wasn’t done, despite De La Hoya being critical of comments made by Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza last week.

“I’ve never heard of a fight getting made a day before the fight or the week of the event. That’s unheard of. So I don’t know what [Stephen] Espinoza was talking about.

“I’m hoping we get this signed today because there’s no signed deal. It’s all talk right now.

“We have agreed to terms, but I’ve always said you don’t have a deal until you have a signed deal. That’s just how business works, and that’s how we work.”

“I should have a contract by then to get this show on the road.”

Davis vs Garcia in spring 2023

Despite many doubts that Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia will take place in the spring, De La Hoya doesn’t see it that way.

“Well, look. April 15, it’s right around the corner. And we have to start promoting and start putting our heads together.

“We have to start putting the undercard together and getting the venue. So there’s a lot of work to be done.

“I’m hoping that we can get this contract signed today. I mean, I did give a deadline yesterday, but I heard from Ryan’s side.

“They are going into the office Tuesday, so hopefully, we can get this wrapped up.”

The biggest bone of contention surrounding the fight getting made is the fact Davis will most likely go to jail next month over a hit-and-run incident.

A plea bargain for zero prison time was rejected last year. The trial begins on February 16.

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