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Home » Floyd Mayweather made Canelo’s entire DAZN deal in 28 minutes

Floyd Mayweather made Canelo’s entire DAZN deal in 28 minutes

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Floyd Mayweather is still boxing’s biggest earner of all time. In fact, he made Canelo’s entire DAZN contract in less than half an hour.

Mayweather took a phone call interview around the time of the announcement as an opportunity to take a dig.

Floyd told the former Pound for Pound king where his place was in the grand scheme of things.

Floyd Mayweather is money

The ‘Money’ man reigned at the top of the WBN P4P List on many occasions and for a record period. It’s safe to say he was not impressed with the current Canelo contract.

Canelo inked a $365 million deal with DAZN until 2025, possibly beyond. However, Mayweather believes that’s merely a drop in the ocean due to his earning power.

Mayweather reminded the four-weight world champion of his last two professional contests against Manny Pacquiao in 2015 and Conor McGregor in 2017.

Both acquired over four million Pay-Per-View buys, dwarfing Canelo, and stand as number one and two on the all-time list.

Two million is the highest hit by Canelo so far.

“If I’m not mistaken, Canelo got something like eleven fights right, for three hundred something million. I got that in one night,” he pointed out to

Canelo contract

“I got that [what Canelo is signed for over five years] in 28 minutes. You know, I got Canelo’s entire contract in 28 minutes.

“I made over $300 million twice. And it only took me, like, 36 minutes and 28 minutes. We can round it off and say one hour. In one hour, I made $650 million.”

On digs at the way his career ended as a cash-printing exercise in making the right moves monetarily, the self-professed ‘TBE’ was unconcerned.

“You gotta love my story, The American Dream. I took the hard route, but I made it look easy,” he said.

“I’m very, very happy with how my career went. I don’t have to fight anymore.

“To those fighters who want to call me out, ‘I’m happy, and I’m retired, “Mayweather concluded.

Undefeated record breaker

At 50-0, Mayweather is already in the history books despite consistent rumors of a return to action.

During the same interview, the aging legend confirmed there would be no more Floyd Mayweather headlining events in the future in a professional capacity.

“I’m retired. I’m through with boxing,” despite old rival Manny Pacquiao topping most fans’ votes on who they’d like to see Mayweather in with next.

An exhibition is never off the cards, it seems.

Rumors may finally subside in the future, especially now that Mayweather fails to hit the gym as regularly to keep himself in shape.

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