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Home » The hurtful fight Manny Pacquiao still longs for over a decade later

The hurtful fight Manny Pacquiao still longs for over a decade later

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Manny Pacquiao still longs for a fifth fight with fellow boxing legend Juan Manuel Marquez after his brutal knockout in 2012.

Marquez took the Filipino out clean over a decade ago with a punch heard worldwide.

Initially, Pacquiao chased a redemption attempt for three years. But after Marquez retired, eight long years passed.

Now both are retired, there’s a possibility they could collide in an exhibition. Any potential bout could become the most lucrative exhibition ever.

Pacquiao vs Marquez continues to hit the headlines as one of the most potent boxing stories of what might have been.

Manny Pacquiao attempts

Previously, WBN caught up with Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum to discuss the matter.

The Top Rank boss explained why Marquez didn’t need to accept what is reported to have been a nine-figure offer.

“Marquez was done dealing with the blows to the head when he stepped away,” Arum revealed to World Boxing News. “The one thing about Marquez is he’s very intelligent.

“Even in 2013, he was very astute financially. He saved his money and invested it in real estate and other very good investments.

“At that point, after he knocked out Manny Pacquiao, he was probably one of the best fixed financial fighters in the world. He was a very wealthy man.

“I mean, I visited him a couple of times in Mexico City, and he lived extraordinarily well. He belonged to the best clubs.

“So he wasn’t like a normal fighter. How was he going to be intrigued by a big purse?

“All he wanted in his career was that win over Manny. That was the crowning achievement, and nothing would have enticed him back,” he added.

Pacquiao KO

Marquez is rumored to have turned his nose up at a $100 million offer from Pacquiao. Such was the desperation to erase the memory of his defeat.

That right hand changed the course of history. It can be argued that Pacquiao wasn’t the same for quite some time.

It came from nothing, as Pacquiao dominated the saga for the first time in his career. Those first five rounds seemed to prove a formality was on the cards.

Marquez changed all that. There was no way he would give more ground to Pacquiao after three previous decisions went against him.

Pacquiao revealed his stance on the matter as he continued his career, and Marquez walked away.

Behind the nonchalant exterior, Pacquiao was desperate to get Marquez back in the ring.

“It actually is up to him,” Pacquiao told The Manila Standard after few months after his knockout. “Me? Well, everybody knows I’ll fight anyone.

“I am not scared of anybody. And that is the reason why boxing fans like me so much. I never avoid anyone. And I don’t choose easy fights. I will fight anybody, anytime, anywhere.”

“If he [Marquez] doesn’t want to fight me, then I don’t want to fight him either. So be it. It’s that simple.

“He says he doesn’t want to fight me because he won our last fight? Well, I am still ahead in the tally of our last four fights. I won two, lost one, and drew one.”

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