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Home » Nonito Donaire turns trainer with wife Rachel for Feb 18 corner job

Nonito Donaire turns trainer with wife Rachel for Feb 18 corner job

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Price Promotions who at this current time has one main goal, and one main focus and that focus is on Dylan Price.

Dylan (Affectionately called) “Real Dyl” is a bantamweight contender that seems to be more times than not on the wrong end of the stick.

Price has won “Most Outstanding Boxer” in two National Tournaments, yet not many know of his name. He is a star, but at the lower divisions so… Well who the hell really cares, right? Now you have to also take into account that his father, David, is a very smart business mind so not too many promoters want to deal with that type of person.

The primary promoters choose to deal with people that can be told, and when confronted, will submit, but the senior Price was not really moved by the former nor the latter. However, there was one particular company that showed love to the Price’s. and that was Mayweather Promotions.

They, particularly, Leonard Ellerbe were kind to the Price’s (In the way that they understand how to be) so that being said, David Price owes Leonard Ellerbe an apology. “I have done so via text and by voicemail and my final apology is in the form of this release” (how appropriate a word).

“However, as a whole, this industry is not without its share of undesirables. These individuals or even groups of individuals have conspired to keep my son Dylan and myself from mainstream boxing. I know, I know another bitter father that sees his son as something beyond his actual abilities.

“Well, riddle me this, if my son isn’t as good as I believe him to be, then why is it that to date we have never received a call from a matchmaker representing any of the minor or major promotional companies . Not even one can ever say that they have ever reached out with a possible match for my son.

“In other words if he isn’t what he thinks he is, then why not serve up another meal for one of your 118lb monsters? Why not have a seven- Time National Champion, Two -Time MVP that was 10-0, 11-0, 12-0, 13-0, 14-0 and is currently 15-0, with 10kos as an opponent for someone in your 118lb stable. All of the major boxing promotions have at least one 118lb boxer if not more, but still we are sitting here all by our lonesome. .. I’m sorry I digressed!!!!”

When Mayweather in their attempt to show love, had us featured on their Facebook channel in January 2019. We actually lost. Yes 15-0 Dylan Price has a loss! But Dylan also has a father who also has a heavenly Father who saw fit to have the Nevada State Athletic Commission make a random request to check this particular fighter’s urine, and to our surprise my former business partner and still close friend Doc Nowicki called me and said I was looking on Boxrec and Dylan’s name has an 0 beside it.

I of course thought he was mistaken, but when I researched Boxrec, I saw the same. I immediately contacted the Commission and they confirmed that it was in- fact, accurate. He cheated, he cheated, he cheated, I celebrated!!!! But there’s not going to be much of a fuss surrounding positive news regarding a 115lb African American kid that had their record sponged due to cheating. Nope that gives those that were hoping that we failed more energy to galvanize.

Good plan but…………..the God that I serve saw otherwise. Long story for another time but this same individual has caught the eye of the former king ,and soon to be back on his throne to once-again be the king of the bantamweight division. That being future first-ballot Hall of Famer, Nonito Donaire.”

“The Filipino Flash” has agreed to be Dylan “The Real Dyl” Price’ trainer along with his beautiful wife Rachel. Rachel has proven that she is more than capable to function as the team’s lead strategist and strength Coach. The unlikely pair of families have in a relatively short period of time, developed a bond, a kindred spirit connection of some sorts.

Ok Listen you don’t have to have a THD in Theology to ask these questions;

1. Why would a fighter in the same division share information from the first 10 minutes that he met another fighter? Why would he tell him secret techniques that he had developed over the course of his career?

2. Why would a 40 year old, nine- time World Champion, that is still chasing greatness seeking an unprecedented 10th World Championship, decide to get on a plane, oh yeah, bring his wife at the bequest of the senior Price and assist them in training???

3. A 118lber former King who is seeking title number ten, decides to take on as a protégé another contender in his current division by the name of Dylan Price, weird right?

Either way as I said…………………………………………………………………………………………..…………

“Nine-Time World Champion Nonito Donaire Confirmed For Price Promotions February 18th Boxing Card”

Price Promotions will be having their first Star Studded Event of 2023 which will also be their 3rd event since conception. These Star Studded Events are focused around one individual fighter by the name of Dylan Price.

In each of the events, Price Promotions has created their version of “24/7” or “All Access” entitled 7on7, “7 weeks, 7 episodes, 7 minutes welcome to 7on7”.

The 7on7 series can be currently viewed on Price Productions Youtube Page. There are several pages with this name but we are the one with 27 Subscribers (as of January 14, 2023). Filming has also begun on 6 mini sitcoms (several of which feature Dylan Price) created by Dr. David Price, President and Founder of Price Promotions, DKP Productions and Price Productions LLC.

He is also the senior partner in an app being developed called (Prophets for Profit). The youngest boxer in the family will be making his professional debut at 135lbs. The 18 year old Devin “Baby Boy” Price (sometimes Kristian; another story, another day) is excited about the opportunity to begin his professional career on Saturday February 18th.

This Star Studded Event will be held on Saturday February 18, 2023 located at the Elevations Event Center at 51 S 9th Street, Chester Pa 19013.

Tickets will be released on Wednesday February 1, 2023 and the fight will be available for purchase on Pay-Per-View at

The Dream Team:

1. Fighter: Dylan “The Real Dyl” Price

2. Trainer: Nonito Donaire;

3. Trainer: David Price

4. Trainer: Wade Hinnant

5. Adjunct Trainer: Nate Campbell

6. Adjunct Trainer: Paulie Malignaggi

7. Strategist & Strength: Rachel Donaire

8. Cutman: Danny Davis

9. Chief Advisor: J Russell Peltz

10. Public Relations: Marc Abrams

11. Sponsor: APS, Shane Goodell

12. Matchmaker: TBA

Price Promotions is still seeking a dynamic matchmakers to assist with several bouts.