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Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia contract hits, skepticism remains

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia moved a step closer this week as a contract hit the desk of Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya.

The former fighter had insisted that the deal was off if the paperwork wasn’t received by Monday. He got it by Tuesday and seemed optimistic that Davis vs Garcia will happen this year.

Oscar De La Hoya contract

He said: “Finally received the contract. It’s time to put the finishing touches, and we have a fight on April 15. Let’s go!”

De La Hoya then added that he wanted the deal signed by the end of the day. That’s another deadline expiration for the eleven-time world champion.

Therefore, skepticism from fans goes hand in hand with the contradictory statements coming from De La Hoya’s mouth.

Despite facing the uncertainty of his timeline, De La Hoya is confident a deal will get over the line.

“The terms have been agreed upon. Everything is agreed upon,” outlined De La Hoya. “The venue, the money, the split for the fighters, for Tank, for Ryan.

“Everything is great. All we need is to put it on the long form [contract]. That’s basically it.”

Addressing comments made by Showtime over the announcement’s timing, De La Hoya added: “I’ve never heard of a fight getting made a day before the fight or the week of the event. That’s unheard of. So I don’t know what [Stephen] Espinoza was talking about.

“I’m hoping that we get this signed today because there’s no signed deal whatsoever. It’s all talk right now.

“We have agreed to terms, but, look, I’ve always said you don’t have a deal until you have a signed deal. That’s just the way business works, and that’s the way we work.”

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Pay Per View

The retired ex-Pay Per View star was still adamant he could secure a deal within hours, a benchmark that has since passed.

“But I’m talking to Ryan Garcia today. Right after this press conference, I’m going down to Golden Boy headquarters and sitting with Ryan.

“I should have a contract by then so we can get this show on the road.”

Even if it takes a couple of days, something anyone who was carefully sifting through a contract would do, De La Hoya is sure Davis vs Garcia will happen.

“Well, look. April 15, it’s right around the corner. And we have to start promoting and start putting our heads together.

“We have to start putting the undercard together and getting the venue. So there’s a lot of work to be done.

“I’m hoping that we can get this contract signed today. I mean, look, I did give a deadline yesterday, but I heard from Ryan’s side.

“They are going into the office today, Tuesday, so hopefully, we can get this wrapped up.”

It’s now Wednesday.

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