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Home » Adrien Broner reacts to switch as fans blast PPV as ‘not worth $40’

Adrien Broner reacts to switch as fans blast PPV as ‘not worth $40’

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Adrien Broner initially reacted to an opponent switch for February 25 as some boxing fans aired their grievances over the Pay Per View.

“The Problem” was due to fight Ivan Redkach in a dangerous return from another lengthy spell out of action. Having signed with Black Prime, Broner was talking the big talk about a world title shot after one comeback.

However, Redkach was forced to withdraw in a row with his promoter over $35,000. This left BLK and Broner no choice but to alter five weeks out from the event.

Despite losing six bouts, Redkach is active at the top level and was predicted to give Broner all he could handle.

Adrien Broner vs Hank Lundy

In a move that brings the status of the headliner down, Broner now faces Hank Lundy, a former Terence Crawford opponent with twelve defeats on his record.

Broner gave his initial reaction to having to train for someone new just a month out from his return.

“I’m glad they found a worthy replacement in Hank Lundy,” said Broner. “Unfortunately, Redkach had to pull out. But I’m ready for whoever they put in front of me.

“This is the AB show. I’m on a mission to bust up everyone in my way. Hank Lundy is in trouble. I’m going to put a beating on him.”

Lundy, as expected, was grateful for the opportunity. The move sees a February 4 bout with Tito Mercado canceled.

“Fighting Broner is something I’ve envisioned for a long time,” he stated. “Now, this opportunity has presented itself to me.

“Broner has established himself as one of the best fighters in the world, but he hasn’t been active. So I’m going to take full advantage of his inactivity.

“Everyone knows that I will fight anyone. The big names run from me. So I’m telling everyone right now, I’m going to beat the s*** out of this can-man.”

Forty bucks Pay Per View

Acknowledging the change, BLK Prime failed to do similarly with the opponent switch, as the PPV remains at forty bucks.

Fans aired their views stating BLK should have lowered the price in accordance with Lundy replacing Redkach.

“I love what you guys are doing, but I hope you don’t charge forty bucks for Broner vs Lundy,” said one.

Another added: “PPV [for Broner vs Lundy]. I like AB, but yikes!”

A third stated: “$39.99 for Broner/Lundy? Is it me, or are promoters losing their minds?”

The proof will reign on fight night as sales for Adrien Broner’s return will tell the whole story.

Broner hopes to be back in the ring by June if he wins.

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