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Home » ESPN analyst and 2023 Hall of Famer wants Gervonta Davis KO’d

ESPN analyst and 2023 Hall of Famer wants Gervonta Davis KO’d

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Gervonta Davis took heat from a Class of 2023 International Boxing Hall of Famer in a dispute that seems to have grown legs.

“Tank” had initially said Timothy Bradley was ‘a**’ when the IBHOF announced its decision to give “Desert Storm” the honor this year.

Since then, Bradley kept quiet for the most part until recently. Once asked directly by FightHub TV his thoughts on Davis, Bradley didn’t hold back.

The two-weight world champion and controversial Manny Pacquiao conqueror even brought up a holiday arrest for which Davis was released on bail.

Gervonta Davis is ‘not a man’

“I don’t like the guy because of what I hear. Because of what I see,” Bradley stated. “I think he’s a piece of s***. I honestly do. He’s a piece of s***.

“You put your hands on women like that, and you’re a piece of s*** in my book. You’re not a man.

“My dad always told me you’re a coward if you do something like that. You’re a coward deep down inside.

“You’re a coward because you’ve got to pick on somebody who can’t defend themselves. That’s not right.”

On Davis being cleared by the mother of one of his children of any wrongdoing after the fact despite calling the police, Bradley added: “I don’t care about what happened.

“All the whatever he’s saying afterward. She did this, and she did that.”

Davis is awaiting news of a possible clash with Ryan Garcia with a Monday deadline set by Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya.

Timothy Bradley

Bradley put his analyst hat on to break down Davis vs Garica but couldn’t help getting emotionally involved due to his feeling towards Gervonta.

He went as far as stating he hoped Davis got knocked out.

“I’m rooting for him [Ryan Garcia],” stated Bradley. “I want him to win because I’m not a fan of Tank.

“I’m not a fan of what he does. The way he operates outside the ring. I want Ryan Garcia to knock his a** out. Knock him out.

“Sit him on his pants. Give him a rude awaiting,” added the ESPN commentator, who also admitted, “I don’t know if that’s going to happen.”

De La Hoya told his followers that Davis vs Garcia would collapse if something concrete didn’t come his way by today.

“I have no contract. The deadline for me is Monday [to get that contract], or I’m moving on [from Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia].”

There’s also the not-so-small matter of Davis having a hit-and-run trial starting next month. He could get five years in prison after a jail-free plea bargain got rejected last year.

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