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Home » Roy Jones Jr. to battle IFBBPRO bodybuilder in Metaverse fight

Roy Jones Jr. to battle IFBBPRO bodybuilder in Metaverse fight

World Boxing News has been informed of a Roy Jones Jr. return to action in combat sports this spring but not as we know and love him.

Following his exhibition with Mike Tyson in 2020 and the fact that he’s getting a bit long in the tooth to punch others, the former pound-for-pound king is entering the Metaverse.

Roy Jones Jr vs Tyson

Tyson and Jones broke Pay Per View records with their efforts to return following years away from the squared circle.

Selling 1.5m PPVs, their exhibition remains the most lucrative ever, garnering more than Floyd Mayweather’s Showtime effort against a YouTuber.

His next bout will be outlined at a press conference on Tuesday, January 24th. The venture alongside Celebrity Boxing will be confirmed and elaborated for fans to understand how it works.

NDO Champ – Bodybuilder

Jones will go up against Robert Wilmote, aka NDO CHAMP. Wilmote is a well-known IFBBPRO bodybuilder, motivational speaker, actor, and fitness trainer.

Promoters will host a historic and special press conference to announce the first-ever live Combat Sport in the Metaverse. It sees boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. take on the Youtube Sensation NDO Champ.

The press conference will take place at 7 PM. It will be hosted by Chicago Boxing legend Bobby Hitz and Alex Dana’s Rosebud Randolph.

Jones, NDO Champ, and Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman will attend to announce this extraordinary event that will be shown live on April 22nd.

Details of the fight that will take place at The Galaxy Arena will be announced at the press conference.

Jones Jr. is a boxing legend and four-division world champion. NDO Champ is a Youtube Sensation with over 1.47 Million Subscribers

Further details on Roy Jones Jr. vs NDO Champ will follow to announce the first ever LIVE Combat Sport in the Metaverse.

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