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Home » Promoter trolls Gervonta Davis after racism claim over remarks

Promoter trolls Gervonta Davis after racism claim over remarks

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Eddie Hearn trolled Gervonta Davis on the back of taking heat for comments about the multi-weight champion and Pay Per View star.

Several Tank supporters, including Floyd Mayweather CEO Leonard Ellerbe, jumped on the Matchroom boss over remarks made in an interview with The DAZN Boxing Show.

Hearn put his foot in his mouth by stating: “The dangerous thing about Gervonta Davis is that he’s not a deep thinker. He’s not articulate.

“I don’t mean that disrespectfully. He’s a bad MF’er, like Mike Tyson. That makes him dangerous because he’s a fearless fighter. You really can’t get into his head.”

The quip was taken with racist overtones by some Tank fans, who responded to Hearn in kind.

Gervonta Davis responds

Even Davis himself fired back.

“He’s not a deep thinker and not articulate made me “not” sign that BS a** offer he sent” over a contract offer from Hearn in the past.

Ellerbe, a known rival of Hearn and detester of most things the Essex man says, responded with racism claims against the promoter.

“You did mean that in a disrespectful way with your privileged racist a**! Who the F do you think you are saying? He’s not a deep thinker or not articulate?

“That’s the problem. MFs like you think you are more superior than others. We don’t play that s** over here, you f’ing clown.”

Instead of apologizing to those offended by his comments, the 43-year-old WBA Promoter of the Year [six times running] decided to post an image of himself alongside Davis when the lightweight star was up and coming.

Looking young and fresh-faced, Davis stood alongside Hearn with a ‘Strap Season’ sweatsuit and held thumbs up.

It was clear trolling and riling up on the part of Hearn, adding a laughing face emoji for good measure.

Ellerbe vs Hearn beef

The beef continues between Hearn and Ellerbe, who have been going at it for years. Despite nothing coming from it, they’ve even offered to face each other in the ring.

Hearn is currently announcing Matchroom’s schedule for the coming six months on DAZN after the platform announced record losses of over 1.3 billion for 2021.

Ironically, Hearn signed a deal with the streaming service at just under that figure for eight years back in 2021.

DAZN is hemorrhaging money right now, and to stem the flow, they’ve sunk to promoting YouTube Boxing that looks more like a circus event.

Good luck with that.

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