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Aidos Yerbossynuly recovers from horror KO, questions preparation

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Boxing warrior Aidos Yerbossynuly has remarkably recovered from severe injuries that have seen many boxers pass away.

The super middleweight star caused widespread despair in November when hospitalized following a sickening knockout at the hands of David Morrell Jr. from Cuba.

Yerbossynuly spent the best part of twelve days in a medically induced coma after the bout as doctors attempted to save his life from a bleed on the brain.

It was hard to swallow, considering that assistant coach Emanuel Savoy said he considered throwing in the towel two rounds earlier.

Referee Tony Weeks also took some heat for not stopping the clash a few rounds earlier due to the number of punches taken by Yerbossynuly.

Morrell was dominant and in control throughout the Showtime/PBC contest until the devastating right hook KO at The Armory in Minneapolis.

Aidos Yerbossybuly recovery

Several similar events of this nature have not gone the way of the fighter recently. Therefore, the boxing community held its breath as Aidos fought his toughest-ever battle.

The surgery went as well as could be expected. And luckily for all concerned, Yerbossynuly awoke from the coma at 31 on November 17, having spent his birthday out of it three days earlier.

The Kazakh fighter made a speedy recovery in a substantial upturn in fortunes. He could be moved out of the intensive care unit and into a regular hospital.

From there, it was a matter of weeks before Aidos got discharged and was able to return home, having regained all of his bodily functions.

After weeks of respect for the family’s privacy, Aidos opened up about his amazing achievement. In an emotional video, he touched down in his native country in early December and was greeted by family and friends.

Since then, the Las Vegas-based puncher has gone from strength to strength in life. Although it’s hugely doubtful that he’ll ever be able to grace the boxing ring again.

Those kinds of injuries usually mean instant retirement. However, at this point, nothing has been officially announced by Aidos’ team.

The only thing Aidos released publicly was his recollections surrounding the Morrell event. Like the true winner he is, the loss still hurts him despite almost taking his life.

“In my last fight, I could not justify the hope of the country,” he said. “For the first time in the professional ring, I felt the bitter taste of defeat.

“Like life in sports, it is clear that victory and defeat go hand in hand.”

Aidos Yerbossynuly questions preparation

On what may have contributed to his condition in the fight, Yerbossynuly added that his conditioning may have been a factor.

“This was the fight I’d been waiting for so long. The fight should have happened a little earlier.

“We were ready for it. But, for some reason, the opponent’s team waited a while.

“Being in shape for ten to twelve months is certainly not easy. Plus, it’s true that keeping track of weight is not easy when you haven’t been in a fight for a long time.

“I did three workouts, precisely 56 hours of no nutrition before I weighed in for the fight. So I just went and lost weight.

“Why didn’t you look at the weight properly? – You say, but I lost the weight correctly.

“Because I ate only what my nutritionist gave me and was forbidden. Still, it was a possible thing.

Aidos Yerbossynuly recovery

“‘If you do this, it would be this way. It would be that way.’ I avoid giving in to the thoughts. But it was written in my destiny.

“It is clear that there is also a benefit from this. But, I think I was able to show the brave character of the Kazakhs in the squared circle.”

In his most recent activity, Yerbossynuly reaffirmed his faith when stating: “Don’t be late for Friday prayers, folks.”

WBN would like to wish Aidos Yerbossynuly well in his continued recuperation.

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