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Lean David Haye drops to 10% body fat, looks like a middleweight

Former two-weight world champion David Haye looks more like a middleweight nowadays as the one-time heavyweight ruler keeps in shape.

Haye, who retired following two losses against Tony Bellew in 2017 and 2018, could go a few rounds with titleholder Gennadiy Golovkin.

Despite being 42, Haye has been drinking from the fountain of youth. Having a five-year break during his career has undoubtedly helped him.

David Haye goes lean

Trimming down to a lean ten percent body fat, Haye enlightened on the lengths he goes for a super-slim physique.

“I’m finally back to 10% body fat [down from 22.5%] after just nine weeks,” revealed Haye.

“To do so, I adjusted my macros, particularly lowering carbs to between 30g-50g daily. Very light training [two to four times a week). Also, intermittent fasting, nutrient loading, and water guzzling.”

“The Hayemaker” believes anyone could follow the program, even though the Briton looks like he was just carved out of stone.

“It was not hard. It just took a little discipline and structure with times and volumes of food tracked,” he said.

“Thanks to my amazing “Accountability Team,” who crunched the numbers and calories. They kept me updated on everything from nutrition, training, and sleep.

“You made it super easy for me!”

On what’s next after his exhibition fight fell flat against his friend Joe Fournier, Haye added: “The plan now is to gain some lean muscle slowly, So I’ve started pumping up. It’s my favorite type of training!”

Former heavyweight

The man who slayed the giant, Nikolai Valuev, also stated that he’s planning to do some personal coaching in the future.

“I’ll assist people who want to change their health and wellness, putting a sustainable, customized structure in place.

“I’ll guide them through until their health goals are met – and beyond.”

One of the United Kingdom’s most polarizing stars of the last two decades, Haye fought Wladimir Klitschko in 2011 while giving away considerable weight.

He came up short, citing a toe injury leading to years of abuse and trolling from his UK fans.

These days, Haye is more likely to be seen in Las Vegas or known for playing poker. His involvement in boxing has been reduced to a few managerial and punditry appearances over the years.

David Haye certainly made his dent in the UK market, though. And in his day, he was a bonafide Pay Per View fighter.

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