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DAZN sign YouTube boxer for five years, the game truly is changed

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DAZN announced a five-year deal with a YouTuber this week to broadcast what amounts to substandard boxing in place of professional fighters.

The unprecedented agreement will see DAZN sink resources into essentially a form of white-collar boxing. Gasps were audible from many in the sport.

World Boxing News is saddened to learn the details of a long-term arrangement. It sees a non-professional fighter without sufficient skills to make it anywhere near the top level favored over signing younger up-and-coming boxers and nurturing their talents.

The DAZN Group could have laid down the groundwork for years to come. They had the chance to begin a legacy that lasted for decades in the future.

Instead, they’ve inked a wannabe fighter with billions of followers to make a fast buck selling a product that is way below par.

DAZN and YouTube Boxing

YouTube Boxing has a place in the sport. There’s no doubt about that. However, not when it’s detrimental to other boxers who are not getting the network or streaming service air time they deserve.

The whole scenario reeks of desperation and has no longevity whatsoever. Subscribers to DAZN [WBN is unsubscribed] can look forward to YouTuber vs YouTuber or YouTuber vs MMA fighter inside the boxing ring for years to come.

It’s a far cry from the pugilistic talent on offer on the number one app in the business at ESPN.

DAZN promised to change the game. They genuinely have with this heinous move.

Reading through the information provided to media, which WBN won’t publish in the form sent, the descriptions used for the deal and the future are eye-watering.

Calling itself “the ultimate home of sports,” DAZN said the contract was a “landmark pioneering partnership” despite the fact Showtime did it first on the YouTuber front.

That deal hasn’t worked out well. So it’s hard to see what will be different on a platform with far fewer United States viewers.

Game changed

They promise subscribers “crossover drama” and “non-stop boxing action.” Yes, sometimes it is non-stop action. But it’s parallel to youngsters fighting in a boxing club as they attempt to learn the sport, in my and many others’ opinions.

As DAZN is a global marketplace for sports, their numbers are also confusing to fans. Boasting two million viewers worldwide for an event in the release, in the grand scheme, is very small change today.

They broadcast in 200 countries. That’s the equivalent of 10,000 views per country per event. Not very game-changing.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of experienced boxing writer Phil Jay. Twitter @PhilJWBN. Follow WBN: Facebook, Insta, Twitter