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Near 50-year-old’s anguish at two-minute KO on Gervonta Davis bill

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Gervonta Davis continues to be hailed as the next superstar on Pay Per View. However, further down, his fight card caused a stir on Saturday night.

The appearance of 47-year-old Karen Dulin initially made headlines at the weigh-in for her record and age. However, she revealed her anguish after losing against Mia Ellis in under two minutes.

Given two weeks’ notice for the fight, the fitness instructor got taken out by Ellis, who herself is yet to prove any longer-term championship potential.

Dulin has a record of 5-26-1 after the knockout defeat and couldn’t get a foothold in the fight.

Gervonta Davis Pay Per View

It’s undoubtedly not unusual to see someone pushing 50 on a boxing card these days, even a Gervonta Davis Pay Per View. Dulin is a fighter and would put herself out there if any offer came in.

As usual, it’s down to the Commission to decide who gets a license and who doesn’t. Upon reflection, Dulin’s superior fitness may have outweighed her ability.

Reflecting on her big night after getting the call despite three losses on the spin, Dulin was disappointed with the outcome at the Capital One Arena in Washington.

“About last night, I was approached with a huge opportunity a couple of weeks ago, and I took it,” said Dulin.

“Things didn’t go the way that I had planned. Unfortunately, I got dropped in the first round. Just before the end of the round, the ref stopped the fight.

“No fighter ever wants to have as the outcome. My heart definitely hurts today, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

“Thank you to all of the people who continue to love and support me. Thank you to Michael Reyes for all of the work you put into making this fight happen.

“Most importantly, thank you to Rich Gringas for all the time and care you have put into training me.

“And for being the best friend, anyone could ask for. For always having my back.”

Women’s boxing depth

Currently training senior boxers at her gym, Dulin will return to her usual routine and wait for another call to box.

Despite her age and skill level, which boasts just five professional wins in fifteen years, it probably won’t be her last rodeo.

The fact she’s only been knocked out three times in those 26 losses is a bonus for Dulin.

Women’s boxing still has a real problem with depth despite a massive rise in promotion and spotlight on the female side of the sport.

Something has to give in the coming years. The answer could lie in fewer weight divisions.

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