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Home » Mayweather CEO defends ringside Gervonta Davis love after split

Mayweather CEO defends ringside Gervonta Davis love after split

Floyd Mayweather’s right-hand man Leonard Ellerbe leaped to his defense after being spotted ringside for the Gervonta Davis Pay Per View.

Ellerbe was spotted congratulating “Tank” in Washington at the end of the night, having been at the Capital One Arena in Washington to support his own fighter.

After watching super welterweight Jalil Major Hackett move to 4-0 with a first-round stoppage of Joel Guevara, Ellerbe hung around to see the main event.

At the conclusion of Davis knocking Hector Garcia out in nine rounds, the pair embraced in a moment caught on camera.

Mayweather Promotions

However, some took this as ammunition to question why Ellerbe would be fist-bumping Davis and backing him when the multi-weight champion dumped his promoters unceremoniously before the fight.

After posting several negative tweets about Mayweather Promotions before deleting them, Davis and his trainer firmly blamed the parting at Ellerbe and Floyd’s door.

They have since stated the split was amicable, but that doesn’t stop Ellerbe from having to back himself in a delicate situation.

After praising Davis on social media, one response hit a nerve.

“No tweet about Hackett? The guy that’s actually signed to you.”

Another replied: “Exactly my thought.”

That’s when Ellerbe entered the equation.

“Goofy, why are you concerned about what’s tweeted from my account?”

The fan came back to explain the critique after being labeled a troll by a defender of Ellerbe.

“That’s not trolling. Hackett is signed to Mayweather Promotions. He had a first-round knockout yesterday.

“Leonard should tweet about him instead of Tank, who is not signed to them. He can tweet about both.”

Ellerbe said, “Don’t tell me what to tweet out of my account. I was first in the arena at 4 pm supporting my youngin [sic, Hackett] put in that work doing what I do.

“Again, why is your groupie a** concerned about what another man is tweeting out of his account? Do you really understand how stupid you sound?”

Gervonta Davis love

Adding further to his reasoning for being at the Premier Boxing Champions headliner, Ellerbe stated: “I’m very passionate about what I do.

“I love what I do, and loyalty is everything. I have relationships with everyone I’ve ever worked with.”

On Tank showing love back, he concluded: “The love was incredible.

“I’m beyond blessed to see and hear so many kids. People appreciate and respect the grind and who are very proud of you. It was very touching.”

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