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Heavyweight Dave Allen on last fight: A fat f***er, I couldn’t be a****

UK heavyweight Dave Allen is back entirely focused on his boxing career after an indifferent few years away from the bright lights.

“The White Rhino” last fought on a massive TV bill three years ago when controversy sparked against Dorian Darch. A throwaway comment about having a bet on himself left Allen in a pickle and having to answer to the British Boxing Board of Control.

Allen’s third-round KO over the Welshman was his last fight under Eddie Hearn. Their partnership was one of the most talked about in England for a while during the back end of the 2010s.

Young heavyweight

Nowadays, Allen has realized that having another mouth to feed [his infant daughter]. Add to that his relatively young age for a heavyweight. There’s money to be made for his family’s financial future.

Therefore, “The Doncaster De La Hoya” is getting serious, having dropped three stones [42 pounds] for his return in February.

He is starting off slowly with a four-rounder. Allen will compete at the Platinum Suite inside Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane Football Ground. He is aiming for bigger nights.

Allen admits he was merely going through the motions the last time he graced the ring last March, in one of only two bouts in the three years since the Darch fight.

“I only boxed the once in 2022. It was one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had in boxing,” described Allen.

“I was in a random room in a lovely hotel. But on the way to make my twelve-foot ring walk, I had to go through the hotel kitchen. As I was a fat f***er at the time, that was the hardest bit about the night.

“I tried my best to get some rounds out of my Bulgarian opponent. But eventually, after a round and a half, I couldn’t be a**** and gave him a clip hoping the ref would jump in.

“He didn’t, so I started throwing haymakers at the top of his head. It’s not my proudest five minutes as a boxer, but I was undefeated in 2022.”

Will we see Dave Allen at bridgerweight?

Ever honest, Allen lays it all out in the open for his fans. It’s something they appreciate him for and why he’s one of the most-loved British boxers out there.

However, will he be able to get back near a British title shot after being ‘two fights from a world title,’ according to Hearn, before facing David Price?

A win over Price would have seen Allen battle Alexander Povetkin for the right to contest the WBA regular title. It wasn’t to be, as the Yorkshireman was beaten to a pulp by Price in an excruciating ten-round loss.

Price being vulnerable at the top level meant Allen’s defeat looked far worse in the grand scheme of earning any future title opportunity.

The best Allen could hope for is English, British, Commonwealth, and European. Although that still means some big nights around his home city.

Having already dropped 42 pounds, if Allen could get below 225, he could enter the bridgerweight rankings where there’s far less depth.

The WBC recently introduced the division and crowned Oscar Rivas their first-ever champion. At present, there aren’t even 40 fighters to fill the ratings.

This means a win at the lower weight would put Allen in contention for the green and gold belt.

It’s something to think about if Allen sticks to his new regime and keeps the weight off for the longer term.

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