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Home » Deontay Wilder visits his statue, has a chat, and offers it a blanket

Deontay Wilder visits his statue, has a chat, and offers it a blanket

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Deontay Wilder loves his statue so much that he visits it regularly to ensure everything is okay. On New Year, the former heavyweight champion even offered it a blanket.

Having caused a stir when getting up close and personal with himself at the unveiling, Wilder went to a whole new level in 2023.

Taking to the bronze sculpture as if it was real, Wilder is making sure the Tuscaloosa statue doesn’t want for anything.

Deontay Wilder love

“It’s okay to love the goodness out of yourself. Most times, self-motivation is a must. Then at times, it’s all we need to stay alive,” said Wilder as he checked on his likeness.

Wilder was as gracious as ever before, making a knockout against Robert Helenius when bestowed with the honor.

“I did not expect this. I know I’m going to set a lot of records. I’m going to break a lot of records along my journey. But this right here, this is something that God is giving, not only to me but also to my state and my city,” said Wilder.

“We will soon see people coming to the state of Alabama, going through the city of Tuscaloosa, looking at the statue.

“This will be something for my children, children, and grandchildren. I am very happy and grateful for this project. I’m very excited about it.”

The city that gave him his own place in history added: “The emotional moment when Deontay Wilder revealed the statue of himself created by Caleb O’Connor.

“The statue will be permanently located outside of Visit Tuscaloosa, representing Deontay Wilder in Tuscaloosa for perpetuity.

“Make sure to come by and see it for yourself!”

Tuscaloosa statue

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox added: “Deontay Wilder will be honored with a life-size statue in his hometown of Tuscaloosa.

“We are very pleased to present this highly anticipated piece of public art featuring the Bronze Bomber, our proud world champion from Tuscaloosa.

“The sculpture was created by Caleb O’Connor, who has adopted Tuscaloosa as his home. He has created many other beautiful pieces in our city.”

Artist O’Conner concluded: “One of the biggest things I saw regarding sculpture is the idea that Deontay needs to be recognized for what he has done.

“We haven’t had a champion like him in a long time. We have a great sports star here in Tuscaloosa.”

With Deontay Wiler around, the statue will undoubtedly never be lonely.

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