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Gervonta Davis makes 134, VADA drug tested following weigh-in

Gervonta Davis looked weary after scaling 134 pounds for his forthcoming Pay Per View but had to accommodate VADA testing procedures immediately.

According to reporter Elie Seckbach, who was riding with Tank after the scaling, VADA pulled the whole team as they entered an elevator.

Davis would then undergo VADA drug testing under the guidelines of the fight to ensure the contracted agreement was adhered to on both sides.

WBN is yet to conclude whether opponent Hector Garcia was subjected to the same drill.

Gervonta Davis weighs 134

Both men hit the scales at 134 despite initial reports that the fight would take place at 136 pounds. Davis was a little tired as he made his way through the hotel. However, that’s to be expected from previous fights involving the multi-weight champion as he rehydrates.

With a massive clash against Ryan Garcia hanging in the balance, Davis is fully aware that he can take nothing for granted.

“D.C. has always been exciting when it comes to boxing. There’s a lot of talent here that people sleep on,” said Davis. “It’s a boxing town, and I’m excited to come back and be fighting here.

“We used to have to get through D.C. to get to the national level in the amateurs, so I always treated this place like a second home.

“Garcia earned his spot in this fight for what he’s done this past year. He’s been in good fights and beaten good fighters.

“But he’s not someone to sleep on. He’s a tough opponent, and this will prepare me for a Ryan Garcia fight next.

“There’s been a lot of talk from other fighters in the division. I’m putting them on notice with this fight and the Ryan fight.

“I can’t get to Ryan unless I get past Héctor. I’m showing everyone that I’m one of the elite guys.”

Hector Luis Garcia

Garcia had no problems hitting the limit. He aims to knock Davis off his PPV perch.

“I feel equally comfortable at 130 and 135 pounds. I took this challenge because I always wanted to surpass my limits and go after the best.

“At the end of the day, it’s up to me to be at my best on Saturday night,” said Hector Luis.

“The bottom line for me is that I can fight at whatever distance the fight requires me to. I can use my reach or my power. I’m going to be ready.

“I think the back and forth we’ve had is normal and in good fun. It brings more heat to the fight and probably motivates us both more.

“Gervonta better watch out on Saturday night. Because he lit a competitive fire under me when he put his hands on me during the face-off.”

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