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UK heavyweight Dave Allen gets ripped for Brammall Lane return

British heavyweight Dave Allen is in contention for huge UK fights in 2023 after confirming his desire to get serious at 30.

Allen, who became a father after stepping away from the ring following a sickening loss to David Price and a betting controversy against Dorian Darch, announced a third comeback fight over the festivities.

“Big changes made to end 2022. A massive 2023 coming up,” proclaimed Allen on his next outing.

Heavyweight Dave Allen returns in February

The event will take place on February 18 at the Platinum Suite inside Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane Football Ground. An opponent is yet to be named, but it’s expected to be a warm-up for a top-ten-ranked British contender.

“The Doncaster De La Hoya” has lost plenty of body mass for his 28th pro contest and has been looking in his best shape for years.

“Very close to three stone down altogether and over ten kilograms down working with John Wattam,” added “The White Rhino.”

“I’ve never been fitter, stronger, and, most importantly, mentally in a better stable place. 2023 is going to be the best year yet.”

Becoming a parent has undoubtedly had a profound effect on Allen, who celebrated Christmas with his family on either side of gym sessions.

Answering questions as to why it’s taken him so long to knuckle down and get serious despite landing a contract with Matchroom in the past, Allen believes his best is yet to come.

Serious about boxing at 30

“I’ve had many messages asking why it’s taken till 30 to get myself together and take boxing seriously. Well, I’m Betty Allen’s dad, and my daughter will go to school and tell everyone I’m her dad.

“She’s going to be proud of me. That’s about as simple as that. I never had anything to fight for before. I just did it because it was better than working in a factory.

“I’ve found my why,” concluded the proud Yorkshireman.

Getting over his loss to heavyweight rival Price, which was horrific to watch, will be one thing for Allen in the mainstream. The Darch controversy, which saw Allen take significant flak for a betting quip on the fight, could be heavier to shake off.

The question remains, ‘Will the two major boxing promoters and networks want to work with Dave Allen again?’

That’s a big hurdle Allen needs to overcome and one he can only conquer by staying active and winning fights.

His fists will have to do the talking this time around.

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