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Home » Jaron Ennis promises to be an ‘explosive Mike Tyson’ on SHO PPV

Jaron Ennis promises to be an ‘explosive Mike Tyson’ on SHO PPV

Welterweight star Jaron Ennis promises a knockout performance worthy of the great Mike Tyson on Saturday night in Washington.

“Boots” is on a mission to impress and claim a 30th professional victory with a 28th stoppage. Ennis is hoping to take out Karen Chukhadzhian in style.

“I’m looking to make a statement to the whole world. I’m just focused on putting on a show, getting an explosive knockout, and then seeing what’s next,” said Ennis.

Jaron Ennis eyes Mike Tyson-style win

“I’m on my ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. I don’t go in there looking for the knockout, but if I see that opening, I’m definitely taking it.

“I’m not afraid to get him out early. Everyone knows I’m in and out like a robbery.

“I’m putting my own twist on Tyson. I picked up a few things from watching Tyson, so this will be a fun night. I’m going to be explosive with it.

“My message to the world is to continue to watch me grow and progress. Make sure you don’t miss this knockout on Saturday night.

“Philly is definitely gonna be in the building.”

Errol Spence Jr. fight

Furthermore, on potentially landing Errol Spence Jr. with a win, Ennis added:

“This win can put me right in line for Errol Spence Jr. This is a perfect time to make a big statement. I can’t wait.

“I feel like this is another step toward greatness and getting those belts.

“It’s not hard to be the next guy up. I have to stay focused and do what I do. I know my time is coming real soon. It’s that simple.

“I know Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford are holding up the division right now, but whatever way I can get my hands on the belts, I’ll be ready.

“I just want to fight. I’m young and hungry, and I will keep shining and demolishing these guys they put in front of me.

“Getting knockouts gives the fans what they want and keeps them gravitating toward me. My fan base will grow as long as I keep doing what I’m doing.

“I know Spence says he’s the ‘big fish,’ but we like to go fishing. If I have to sit on the side and ride a jet ski for a while, that’s okay for now.

“You know what happens when they bring a fish to the land, right? They squirm.”

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