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Floyd Mayweather still earns more money than 95% of pro boxers

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather ruled the world of boxing for over two decades. That’s an indisputable fact.

Mayweather has always been happy with his accomplishments, having fought and defeated some of the best fighters of his generation.

He’s still one of the biggest names on the exhibition circuit and earns more purses than 95% of professional boxers.

His legacy remains one of the most revered on the planet.

The soon-t0-be 46-year-old officially won his first world title in 1998 against Genaro Hernandez. Having turned pro two years early, Mayweather never felt anything other than a champion throughout his entire career.

Floyd Mayweather’s boxing record

Making his debut in 1996, Mayweather racked up 50 wins, stopping 27 of those opponents before the final bell.

Reflecting on his ring efforts in the years since – Mayweather still feels like a world titleholder despite officially retiring from the sport in 2015.

“I can do out there and perform and still win titles and put on a good show, but there’s a time and a place to come up and shine. I had my time to shine,” Mayweather explained to

“I’ve been in this sport for 24 years. I was the champion basically for 24 years. So, as I said, I had my time to shine.

“I want to see all young fighters go out there and shine. I want to see all those fighters do good. A lot of times, I say certain things, but I don’t want anybody to get offended. I speak from the heart.”

Mayweather had a dismissive message to those who complained about his choice of opponents and made claims of cherry-picking.

“My record speaks for itself. No matter what anybody says about me. Just check my credentials. They say, ‘oh, he was fighting tomato cans.’ Well, I just got to thank God for blessing me,” he said.

Five-weight world champion

A five-weight ruler, Mayweather sparks debates worldwide on where he fits into the all-time landscape.

Some tentatively have Floyd Mayweather in the top ten greatest of all time. While his supporters are in no doubt that he’s ‘The Best Ever.’

Defensively, it’s hard to argue with the fact Mayweather is head and shoulders above the rest in that department. Offensively, this opens another can of worms entirely.

In 2020, the ‘Money’ man was named WBN Fighter of the Decade despite only fighting activity for five years. This shows just how much the money man changed the game.

Pretty Boy to Money Man

Two years after he departed the sport, the former Pretty Boy returned to face Conor McGregor in an August 2017 Las Vegas exhibition bout. It’s on his record but not counted as competitive.

Beating Manny Pacquiao, Marcos Maidana, Miguel Cotto, and Robert Guerrero, among others, Mayweather’s tenure from the featherweight division to junior welterweight and above is impressive.

Unifying the WBA and WBC titles at super welterweight, Mayweather was the biggest Pay-Per-View star of his era. His accomplishments will echo for eternity.

Money Mayweather still provides entertainment to this day and could be doing so until he’s fifty-plus.

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