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‘Black Butterbean’ heavyweight returns after Terence Crawford PPV

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A huge heavyweight donned the ‘Black Butterbean’ after his latest fight on the Terence Crawford bill will to action this month in Kentucky.

Dajuan Calloway, who calls himself ‘The Punisher,’ earned a new nickname when scaling an almost career-high 387 pounds for his battle with up-and-comer Jeremiah Milton [7-0].

Even though Calloway lost to Milton in a close six-rounder on the Crawford vs David Avanesyan BLK Prime Pay-Per-View, the 31-year-old turned heads with his skills.

The performance earned the Ohio man praise from Hall of Famer Lou DiBella and Top Rank commentator Cynthia Conte.

DiBella, who starred in Rocky VI, said: “The big fat guy fighting Milton right now on the Crawford vs Avanesyan PPV has the largest head I’ve ever seen in the ring.

“This dude Calloway is also somewhat boxing-skilled for a nearly 400-pound man.”

Black Butterbean

When Calloway got compared to a ‘Black Butterbean,’ DiBella added: “Actually, this dude is better, skill-wise.”

Conte stated: “He has a pretty good jab” on Calloway.

Rubbing shoulders with Crawford and Adrien Broner on fight night has undoubtedly given Calloway the taste for the big fight nights.

He immediately returned to training and set up a four-rounder against Antwaun Tubbs just over a month after the Milton reputational enhancer.

The fight will take place at The Bruce Convention Center in Hopkinsville and be topped by Tyler Tomlin vs Donald Ward.

Dajuan Calloway returns

Calloway is ready to build on his new-found attention.

“I would like to thank everyone who tuned in. And even though I did not take the win, I had an experience of a lifetime!

“I also showed I’m worthy of the big stage! This fight taught me a lot. I can’t wait to hit the pavement and go even harder.

“This isn’t the end for ‘The Punisher’ – it’s only the beginning,” said Calloway on his clash with Milton.

On returning this month, Calloway stated: “We are starting the New Year off right.

“Back in action on January 14th in Kentucky. I’m making another statement with this fight.”

At 5-2, Calloway has only lost to undefeated prospects so far in his career. His only other reverse came against 8-0 Deontae Pettigrew.

A win against Tubbs could be capitalized on by an unbeaten run of his own, with a potential spot on the Adrien Broner vs Ivan Redkach PPV possible for February.

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