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Stunning development clears Gervonta Davis of harming family

Gervonta Davis is in the clear after an alleged victim in a domestic battery case brought over the holiday period retracted their accusations.

“Tank” was smeared with “partner beater” allegations for the second time in his career after a police statement said the boxer hit his child’s mother “on the right side of her head with a closed hand type slap.”

The information added that “this strike caused a small abrasion to the inside of [her] upper lip on the right side of her mouth.”

Gervonta Davis is in the clear

However, in a stunning development on Friday, Davis’ former partner and co-parent to their daughter told the world nothing had happened.

“These past few days have been hurtful and extremely exhausting for all parties involved,” she said.

“I pride myself on being extremely private; this situation was the last thing I wanted to be made public.

“The state of our relationship has been in a fragile space. Gervonta and I were both at fault for the argument.

“While the emotions were running high, I made an unnecessary call to law enforcement in an intense moment while I was frantic.”

Additionally, she stated: “Gervonta did not harm our daughter or me.

“Today, we have sought the help necessary to move forward with our lives. I am confident that we will succeed within our co-parenting dynamic with the counseling provided to us.”

Released on bond

Furthermore, Davis had defended his corner after being released on a $1,000 bond. In addition, he should now be able to fight one week from today.

“I’m not a monster. I have been quiet for too long.

“I don’t have a media team, PR, good lawyer or spokesman, [none of] that. That’s the only reason I’m doing this now!

“[I’m doing this] Just to clear my name! I have been doing this on my own since I started.

“These people put out so much stuff, aired this everywhere, and have a helicopter flying over my house now as I write this.

“They look at this as money to them and [are] trying to get as much money as possible.”

“They rush to my child’s mother, offering her $50,000 just to [press] charges. [Just] like they did with my first child’s mother.

“[It’s become] So bad they couldn’t get her, so they got a lady they [claimed] she was into the mess. Also, a lady is known for [suing] people for money reasons.

“They got her! Which I have to pay $300,000 to. I didn’t lay a finger on her or even know what this lady looks like!”

“They do this for money too and also to destroy me! I am not a monster. I have two beautiful daughters that have to grow up someday and see this BS!

“They post the BS worldwide before anything. They even posted a snippet of the police call in which my child’s mother was crying on the phone [because] I wouldn’t give her my truck!”

Pay Per View fight

In addition, Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia had been unaffected as Premier Boxing Champions decided against acknowledging the incident.

The Pay Per View is set to continue as planned.

Court case proceedings brought by authorities this week are also expected to be shelved.

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