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Home » Gervonta Davis airs real ‘reason’ for accusations, explains 911 call

Gervonta Davis airs real ‘reason’ for accusations, explains 911 call

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Gervonta Davis aired his reasoning as to why he’s currently embroiled in another arrest and charge drama over his alleged domestic battery.

The three-weight champion stands accused of threats to kill and a closed-hand slapping of one of his children’s mothers after spending time in jail earlier this week.

Released on bond, Davis is yet to confirm whether a scheduled January 7 clash with Hector Garcia will happen as planned.

Tank did, however, reveal his beliefs as to why the accusations have been filed. Davis says it’s a case of people wanting to make easy money from him, as he claims have been the case previously.

Gervonta Davis defends himself

Defending his corner, Davis said: “I’m not a monster. I have been quiet for too long.

“I don’t have a media team, PR, good lawyer or spokesman, [none of] that. That’s the only reason I’m doing this now!

“[I’m doing this] Just to clear my name! I have been doing this on my own since I started.

“These people put out so much stuff, aired this everywhere, and have a helicopter flying over my house now as I write this.

“They look at this as money to them and [are] trying to get as much money as possible.”

Money is the reason for claims

Davis states cash has already been offered to his female accuser to continue pursuing the full extent of the law.

“They rush to my child’s mother, offering her $50,000 just to [press] charges. [Just] like they did with my first child’s mother.

“[It’s become] So bad they couldn’t get her, so they got a lady they [claimed] she was into the mess. Also, a lady is known for [suing] people for money reasons.

“They got her! Which I have to pay $300,000 to. I didn’t lay a finger on her or even know what this lady looks like!”

The 28-year-old added a 911 call wasn’t to do with a battery – but a truck. He also believes that those who have it in for him wouldn’t rest until his career ends and he’s behind bars.

“They do this for money too and also to destroy me! I am not a monster. I have two beautiful daughters that have to grow up someday and see this BS!

“They post the BS worldwide before anything. They even posted a snippet of the police call in which my child’s mother was crying on the phone [because] I wouldn’t give her my truck!”

True or false?

Concluding, Davis aimed at ‘internet blogs’ he believes run with headlines before attempting to get his side.

“You are all bad for the culture! You all don’t care if it is true or false. He did or didn’t!

“You all just want to put it out there [because] it’s beneficial to ya’ll business.”

With eight days to go until fight night, solid confirmation from Premier Boxing Champions over the status of the Davis vs Garcia event is yet to be addressed.

PBC stated, “Hector Garcia is ready for war!” only a few hours before the writing of this article. That’s an indication that they believe the PPV headliner will be untouched as of Friday.

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