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Home » Conor Benn roasted for VADA and WBC ‘explanation’ request

Conor Benn roasted for VADA and WBC ‘explanation’ request

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British welterweight contender Conor Benn faced a roasting from boxing fans this week when requesting an explanation surrounding an ongoing investigation into two failed drug tests.

Benn was forced to cancel a fight in October against UK rival Chris Eubank Jr. when the British Boxing Board of Control withdrew sanction of the fight.

The reason stemmed from separate adverse findings in his test samples dated weeks apart for the same substance.

Despite stating his name has been cleared, Benn has yet to provide evidence to back up those claims. Therefore, his pushing of the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency and the World Boxing Council to reveal their findings dumbfounded some fans and media alike.

Conor Benn explanation

Taking to social media after remaining out of the spotlight for two months, Benn urged VADA and the WBC to make a ruling by stating: “I need to get on with my career.

“When will there be an explanation? My name deserves clearing. I can’t keep waiting while you carry out your internal investigation.”

The 26-year-old may have hoped for sympathy for his plight. However, a considerable portion of the responses to his post came back with a roasting.

Having turned off comments, Benn was targeted by replies through the “quote tweet” function.

One said: “Imagine failing two drug tests and demanding an ‘explanation’ from the doping agency and governing body that caught you. Boxing is absolutely finished.”

Another added: “Shouldn’t you be the one giving an explanation, pal?”

A third stated: “So Conor wants Vada Testing to explain to him why he failed two tests. What do they need to explain?

“Surely it’s young Conor who has the explaining to do? Which I’m sure he did in the 300-page report it took his team three months to compile. Some front this lad.”

Several others declared Benn wrong for his demands. While a couple said, “the brass neck of it,” and questioned why the comments function was switched off for the post.

Benn ruling

A final decision over Benn’s future was due in December. However, it now looks likely to be January before the formerly ranked puncher knows whether he will keep his place in the Top 15 with the sanctioning bodies.

The whole period of speculation over Benn’s career has been difficult. Not only for the fighter and his trainer Tony Sims but for the entire UK boxing community.

Having the spotlight on one of their top world champion prospects and seeing dirt flung from the United States over confidentiality and eventual judgment is tough enough.

But to have the son of a legend like Nigel Benn potentially tainted for the remainder of his career over a banned substance and doping test abnormalities over possible performance-enhancing drugs is a tough pill to swallow. Not to mention the added disappointment of the Eubank Jr. vs Benn fight’s cancellation.

Chris Eubank Jr. fight

Benn still believes it’s a “minor setback” for a “major comeback.” – That he’ll be able to continue his career in the first few months of 2023.

The end goal remains a fight with Chris Eubank Jr. after tickets sold in record-breaking time for a recent UK Pay Per View fight.

With Christmas out of the way, now would be a good time for all those involved to prove innocence for the sake of Benn’s career. Alternatively, lay down a suspension worthy of any confirmed wrongdoing.

The boxer has no doubts. However, his hardest fight may still be to come in the reputational sense.

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