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Gervonta Davis released from prison on bail, Jan 7 fight in doubt

Gervonta Davis is unlikely to fight on January 7 after being released on bail following a domestic violence charge on Wednesday.

Davis took to social media to defend his Tuesday arrest, denying that he hit his girlfriend with a ‘closed hand type slap’ – as alleged in police reports from Broward County Jail records overnight.

Tank posted a $1,000 bond to the battery accusations and left to continue preparations for his clash next week with Hector Garcia. However, in response to fans on his accounts, Davis stated he ‘didn’t even want to fight no more.’

During the undercard press conference hosted by Brian Custer, there was no mention of anything to do with the Davis incident.

Gervonta Davis fight is up in the air

Everything remains in the air until either Davis or Premier Boxing Champions release an official statement.

Boasting a record of 27-0 with 25 KOs, Davis was due to warm up for a massive clash with Ryan Garcia later in the year. But that fight is also pending a trial in February for a hit and run that Davis tried to plea his way out of recently.

That deal got rejected, leaving Davis facing jail time for that incident too. Right now, his career is in a mess.

Trainer Calvin Ford looked forward to taking care of business against Hector Garcia until the news broke. There was no indication that Baltimore favorite Davis would be embroiled in anything like this situation.

“Camp has been good. We’re just waiting to see everything transform in the ring,” said Ford. “When you’ve been out of the ring for an extended period, there are little things that you must go back and correct.

Garcia preparations

“It’s also important that we do our best to preserve his body for what he’s got in front of him. We’ve got a tough task.

“This fight is more mental than physical. I think it’s similar to the Jose Pedraza fight because [Héctor Luis] Garcia is also an undefeated Olympian who’s a world champion. We’re just ready to go to that next level.

“I’ve been with Gervonta since the amateurs, and now we’re at the level where he’s that guy. I’m looking to see Gervonta put his stamp on his brand as a fighter.”

Ford added on Garcia as an opponent: “The fight is going to depend on what [Héctor Luis] Garcia wants to do. Garcia had [former 140-pound champion and Davis opponent] Mario Barrios in his camp.

“I’m sure he got some pointers from him. I know he’s at a gym with great sparring, so he’s definitely getting a lot of looks.

“But we don’t know if he can do it inside the ring on the night.”

Love you, then hate you

In a final Wednesday social media response, former world title holder Davis said: “They love you, hate you, and love you again.”

Further details on the January 7 event are due by the end of December.

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