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Home » Gervonta Davis denies hitting daughter, threats to kill child’s mother

Gervonta Davis denies hitting daughter, threats to kill child’s mother

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The woman at the center of police arresting Gervonta Davis for domestic battery claims the world title fighter threatened to kill her.

“Tank” was held on Tuesday and released on bail Wednesday after being taken into custody over the allegations.

Gervonta Davis threats to kill

According to a recording of the 911 call obtained by TMZ, the alleged victim stated: “Please help me, please help me.

“I’m trying to go home, I have my baby in the car, and he attacked me. Please help me. He’s going to kill me!”

In direct response to the claims, Davis posted on Instagram denying ever touching his child’s mother or daughter before deleting the lengthy statement.

“Do not let these people misguide you all on this BS,” Davis stated, posting an image of him and his child watching a movie together over the holiday period.

“This was just yesterday, moments before my child’s mother and I had [an] argument! – [We were] Watching Frozen with my oldest daughter.

“I never put my hands on my child’s mother or daughter. Are you crazy?”

Boxing career could stall

Whatever the case is, Davis once again finds himself in hot water and faces the stalling of his career just weeks after leaving mentor Floyd Mayweather.

Ironically, Mayweather spent time in jail for a similar alleged charge.

Add to that a trial beginning mid-February stemming from a hit and run in 2020, and Davis has a lot on his plate. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for boxing fans.

A clash with Ryan Garcia is all but agreed to take place in the late spring. The Pay Per View blockbuster could have been confirmed on January 7 – after the Hector Garcia event that’s now in jeopardy.

Davis has a big decision to make about his life choices, though. It’s a case of yet another boxer embroiled in bad situations or surrounding himself with the wrong people.

Guilty or innocent?

It all depends on the three-weight champion’s guilt as to which one rings true.

Davis denies ever putting his hands on his child’s mother. However, a video of an old incident involving another girlfriend doesn’t help those cries of innocence.

Does that make “Tank” guilty of these latest charges? – No, of course not. But he may have plenty of time to think about his life direction if prison comes calling in 2023.

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