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Home » Gervonta Davis trolling duck hoodie gains rival nine million views

Gervonta Davis trolling duck hoodie gains rival nine million views

Gervonta Davis was targeted by a familiar foe on social media resulting in a viral viewing of over nine million and counting.

Former sparring partner Ivan Redkach has had a problem with Davis since they fell out during training sessions. The super lightweight star faces Adrien Broner in the multi-weight ruler’s comeback in February.

But as he continued his regime for that event on Black Prime, Redkach decided to post a new hoodie containing Davis and other fighters he claims are ducking him.

The post gained over nine million views.

Gervonta Davis response

Davis posted a clip of their sparring session where he bested Redkach before they eventually began their beef.

Previously, Redkach had attempted to explain the video released by Davis and why the pair don’t like each other.

He said: “The deal was for six rounds, but you left after the fourth round. Sad I can’t show my side of this sparring session. My respect to you and your team.”

“Gervonta Tank Davis, you still owe me two rounds. The deal was for six rounds, and you left after the fourth round.

“You did the best thirty seconds of yours and left. Sad I can’t show my side of the sparring because I followed the rules of your manager and didn’t do video.”

After organizing another session following their public spat, Redkach claims Davis didn’t show.

Ivan Redkach beef

“I was waiting at the gym for sparring from ten to eleven am. You didn’t come,” stated Redkach. “You know that sparrings take place in the morning.

“I feel bad for our fans that you did not give them a chance to see the real sparring and not just those thirty seconds. God Bless You.”

In only a handful of replies to Redkach, who Davis clearly sees as an easy fight, Tank added: “You a tune-up fight for everybody, dummy!

“I advise you not to take that fight with Shawn because he will kill you. You can’t hit, nor can you take a punch!

“Do you want to spar tomorrow or not? You are losing me.”

Follow sessions failed to materialize. However, the post gaining so many views proves what a draw Gervonta Davis is and that a future battle at 140 when the former Floyd Mayweather fighter entirely moves up in weight classes does have legs.

For now, Redkach needs to focus on Broner. It’s a headliner that could net the winner a world title shot.

At the same time, Davis takes on Hector Garcia in a Premier Boxing Champions Pay Per View before namesake Ryan later in the year.

The latter Garcia confirmed in December that he wouldn’t have a tune-up like Davis.

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