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Deontay Wilder’s scathing legacy attack on Mike Tyson resurfaces

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Deontay Wilder believes Mike Tyson has never beaten a Hall of Fame fighter throughout his entire career in the ring.

Wilder’s famous rant over Tyson’s Hall of Fame record resurfaced this week as bad blood between the pair bubbles over legacies.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ said Tyson has only ever faced two opponents worthy of all-time great status when he fought them. Both of whom, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis, defeated Tyson.

A few years ago, when a video first aired of Wilder slating Tyson, the undefeated American was on top of the world. Fast forward to this day, and Wilder has been knocked off his perch despite a stunning first-round win in October.

Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury are now the number one and two heavyweights in the world as Wilder seeks to regain his title.

Fans on social media have been calling for a shoot-out between the pair over three or four rounds since Tyson returned to action in his fifties.

Deontay Wilder

However, considering Wilder’s comeback win over Robert Helenius, it’s not viable.

Whatever their problems are as former champions, Wilder’s comments prove his beef runs deep.

“Folks, half of you don’t know your history. When it comes to the sport of boxing, let’s face it. You do not know your history,” Wilder said in the video WBN saved.

“You do not know your facts. All you know is what you hear. Go back and do your facts. Go back and do your history.

“We love Mike Tyson, of course. We love them all. Do you know what I’m saying? I love them all. We love them all. They did a great job. But go back and look up your facts.

“If you go back. I want somebody to answer this question: How many Hall of Fame fighters did Mike Tyson actually fight?”

In the Q & A, some said six, and others said three. Wilder asked them to ‘name them.’

Wilder then agreed with one reply by dismissing Michael Spinks’ credentials and stating Larry Holmes was over the hill when Tyson crushed him.

“Thank you. Only two. Holyfield beat him twice, and Lennox beat him. Only two. So what are you all talking about?

“Now you go back and look up your history! – Everybody else was scared. They weren’t any Hall of Famers!

“Only two. Only two! – Do your facts when you come to me.”

Mike Tyson

In a later interview, Tyson responded to Deontay Wilder after predicting that he could beat him if they fought in their prime.

‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ spoke to BT Sport when saying: “I don’t know [how the fight would have gone down].

“I love the fact that he thinks that [he could beat me]. Because that’s the way, I would think as well.

“He’s supposed to think that way. He is (was) the heavyweight champion of the world. That’s something very special.”

Wilder is readying to face Andy Ruiz Jr. to gain a mandatory shot at the heavyweight title. On the other hand, Tyson continues getting inundated with huge offers for another exhibition.

The Baddest Man remains big business in the ring, even in his 50s.

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