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Young Tyson Fury F’d off Klitschkos and Paris imitated The Queen

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Tyson Fury has evolved into the world’s most recognizable heavyweight. Not much has changed personality-wise.

As a heavyweight contender in 2013, the enigmatic Fury conducted his first-ever exclusive interview with WBN.

Back then, WBN posted all the Team Fury videos on social media and managed to arrange a call with Tyson at his home.

Calling the number saw a greeting from Paris Fury answering the phone and putting on a voice like the Queen of Great Britain.

‘Hello, Fury Residence,” she said in an upper-crust accent before passing the phone to Tyson.

Tyson Fury interviewed by WBN

Fury then proceeded to tell WBN of his plans exclusively. At 20-0 with 14 stoppages, Fury declared his intention never to step into the ring to challenge either of the Klitschko brothers.

Both Vitali and Wladimir reigned supreme over the sport at that time.

‘The ‘Gypsy King’ explained he wanted to forge his way through the heavyweight division and how he was willing to wait until the Ukrainians retire before fighting for a world title, even if it takes two years.

“I am never going to fight one of that Klitschko pr***s. I can tell you that,” Tyson Fury exclusively told World Boxing News.

“The way they are avoiding all the top fighters. They’re fighting bums like [Odlanier] Solis when I am in line. They can f*** right off!

“I am going to make my era in boxing. My own legacy, and even if it takes me a year or two, I won’t be going anywhere near those two.”


Undefeated Fury, who had 14 stoppages in his 20 victories at the time, also revealed a gripe with the WBC after releasing their rankings.

A boycott was also placed on the WBC, which Fury now represents as champion. Fury revealed why.

“The WBC can f*** right off, and that Jose Sulaiman too. Placing Jonathon Banks above me when he beat that football player is a joke.

“I have beaten real live opponents like Kevin Johnson. He should be ranked higher than him.


“I’ve stated that a while back that I would fight Fres Oquendo. Everyone said he was a bum, and now Wladimir wants to fight him. He’s beaten nobody and lost to faded fighters.

“Networks in America wouldn’t take me fighting him, so why are they thinking of taking Wladimir fighting him?”

The 6ft 9ins bruiser went on to fight former cruiserweight king Steve Cunningham. Fury was dropped on his way to victory.

Fast forward many years, and with Wladimir beaten and the green and gold belt in his possession, it’s an entirely different story.

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