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Mike Tyson sends $40,000 up in smoke every month

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Mike Tyson sends an astonishing amount of cash up in smoke each month as the former heavyweight champion enjoys his downtime.

From the moment California’s relaxed rules on recreational marijuana went into effect in 2018, big-name celebrities were queueing up to get a piece of the action. But few went into it in such a big way as Tyson.

Never a man to do things by halves, he bought a 40-acre farm where he could cultivate cannabis on a grand scale.

However, according to claims made on his podcast, he could be taking the concept of mixing business with pleasure to a whole new level.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has never been shy about the fact that he enjoys a joint from time to time. And while that could have got him into hot water back when he was fighting in the 90s, the world has moved on to a more relaxed approach.

Recreational marijuana is now available in many states, with more certain to follow suit.

Tyson’s podcast claims he manages to smoke $40,000 of his product every month. However, this suggests that either he is out to shock or he could be the first man to join the NASA space program without the aid of a rocket.

To put it into context, even at regular retail prices, $40,000 would buy around five kilos of weed. That’s the equivalent of 165 grams (six ounces) every day.

Tyson’s podcast guest was rapper Jim Jones who seemed more than a little skeptical. He said Tyson must be smoking weed “non-stop, every second.”

Tyson Ranch

With Iron Mike Tyson, it would be foolhardy to rule anything out entirely. But the more probable scenario is that he is stretching the truth to promote his weed-based business in South California.

Tyson Ranch is not just a place. It is also a brand whose owner intends to take place.

Tyson already cultivates nine different strains of cannabis for sale on the retail market. He is also finding success in trading off his famous name with a line of merchandise, including baseball caps, t-shirts, and smoking peripherals such as lighters and rolling trays.


However, the 40-acre ranch is only the beginning. Tyson has significant expansion plans to create a “cannabis-themed theme park” on the surrounding land.

It will sprawl across an area of more than 400 acres.

This will feature glamping facilities, the world’s longest “lazy river” water ride, and a luxury hotel complex.

A theater will host various events, including “a music festival to rival Coachella.”

Most intriguing of all, however, is the former champion’s intention to create Tyson University on the site.

Here, would-be cannabis farmers will be able to learn all there is to know about cultivation techniques.

Tyson says cannabis changed his life and made him a better person. He told Cannabis Today magazine that his driving inspiration is “how much good I could do by helping people with cannabis.”

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